It would not be possible to create and run Sakura without the help and resources by some talented people!

Stack Resources
AkiStack CMS Developer[ WWW ]
CaitlinContributor[ WWW ]
RheannaContributor[ WWW ]
TatyContributor[ WWW ]
TCG Credits
CalicoOnline TCG concept[ WWW ]
AmandaOriginal MyTCG script and ideas[ WWW ]
JessicaSakura Petal pixel[ WWW ]
SamuSuggested name for Hanami Decks[ WWW ]
WhimsicalVarious pixels[ WWW ]
Script Resources & Help
DagglesCard Search (Original)[ WWW ]
CaitlinCard Search (Modified for multi-search) & General Help[ WWW ]
Filler00EasyTCG[ WWW ]
Game Resources
NinaMelting Pot and Card Claim[ WWW ]
In the CardsPassword gates and slots[ WWW ]
TatyPuzzle and memory[ WWW ]
Mike McGrathBlack Jack[ WWW ]
The Javascript SourceCoin flip and jan-ken-pon[ WWW ]
Cory FoglianiTic Tac Toe[ WWW ]
AmberGachapon[ WWW ]
Games (Not In Use) Resources
FlooblePeeptin and Toggler[ WWW ]
Torben WolfReaction[ WWW ]
No Starch PressTreasure Hunt[ WWW ]
ShuvoRimCountry Guessing Game[ WWW ]