Join Us!

We are glad that you're finally joining us here at Sakura TCG! Before filling up the form, please take a moment to read the set of rules below. After submitting the form, you will need to complete the sign up process as outlined on the forums as well before you can be considered an officially active member!


  1. Upload your starter pack within two weeks or we'll remove you from the members list and you'll need to sign up again if you still want to join. If you need more time, please contact us!
    • If you upload your starter pack on time, there is no deadline to apply for your starter pack bonus but you will not become an official member until you do so please be warned! Eventually we will remove inactive accounts.

  2. Update your trade post at least once per month, whether it be activity or trades. If you don't, your status will be changed to inactive when we do periodic activity checks, and you must reactivate your account to continue trading.

  3. Keep a detailed log on your trade post so we know how you earned, lost, traded, and gifted every card, currency, etc. Need help with logs?

  4. Send a hiatus notice if you need to (and update your status via your account), otherwise your account may be considered inactive if we see no updates as mentioned above.

  5. Direct linking images from the site should be fine but we always recommend self-hosting images on your own site or an image hosting site just in case! For cards, if you aren't uploading them to your own site, please use a site that keeps filenames intact.
    • eTCG users are allowed use a direct link to our cards directory for their auto upload URL!

  6. It should go without saying but please don't cheat! This includes:
    • Refreshing any prize page or randomizer unless you are told to do so
    • Giving out answers to fellow players (hints are allowed!)
    • Playing the games more than once per round/update unless told otherwise (doesn't include games that allow multiple plays)
    • Falsifying or editing logs to suit your needs, especially ones that are not saved on-site

  7. In general, please be nice and polite to other members as much as possible or at least civil. If members don't want to trade, respect their decision!

  8. Please also follow the forum rules when using it.

Join Form

  1. Have a working website, either with a trade post already made or not - we just need to see you have a reliable place to host one.

  2. Have a valid email address so you can self-activate your account (note: this is different from being officially approved by an admin and being considered active)! Do NOT use hotmail, outlook, live, etc as they will most likely not send you the activation email.

  3. Use a realistic name or nickname. If your name is already taken on the members list, please use a variation/different spelling, add a number (0-9 only) or use a different name entirely. No spaces or symbols, please!
    • You will also use this same name when you register on the forums, or else we may not approve your account. Any forum accounts without a matching name on our members list will be deleted!

  4. Provide a password to be able to access forms and the interactive section. This password is encoded in the database and cannot be retrieved or viewed by anyone so please write it down somewhere or have your browser remember it just in case!