As granted in the August 28th update, all players can grab the gift below that contains 2 rare coupons, 3 limited edition coupons, 4 regular coupons, 5 choice cards, 15 randoms, 10 sakura flowers, and 500 sakura petals!

No more than 1 type of rare coupon is allowed but there are no other restrictions/limits on the rest of the coupons or choice cards! Please choose your coupons from the correct section on the Coupon Information page.

INSTRUCTIONS For this gift, everything is already compiled into one randomizer so all players need to do is replace the instances of "couponname" with the filename of the coupons you're taking and "choice" with the filename of the cards you're taking.

Remember though: absolutely no refreshing the page if you don't like the random cards you got! Please also comment on the update with what you grabbed for it to be considered valid (and as a handy back up for your logs in case you ever lose or forget them)!