Cards for: Pokemon
Below you will find all the currently released Pokemon decks!

Decks are sorted first by category and then alphabetically by file name. If a series does not have all the deck types displayed then that means that we have no decks released from that deck type at the moment!

Character decks

ashketchumPokemon - Ash Ketchum20/1
ashspikachuPokemon - Ash's Pikachu20/1
eeveePokemon - Eevee20/1
espeonPokemon - Espeon20/1
flareonPokemon - Flareon20/1
glaceonPokemon - Glaceon20/1
jolteonPokemon - Jolteon20/1
leafeonPokemon - Leafeon20/1
lilliePokemon - Lillie20/1
mayorasPokemon - May (Game/ORAS Ver.)20/1
mewPokemon - Mew20/1
mewtwoPokemon - Mewtwo20/1
nharmoniaPokemon - N Harmonia20/1
snowyPokemon - Snowy (Lillie's Vulpix)20/1
stevenstonePokemon - Steven Stone20/1
suicunePokemon - Suicune20/1
sylveonPokemon - Sylveon20/1
umbreonPokemon - Umbreon20/1
vaporeonPokemon - Vaporeon20/1
vulpixPokemon - Vulpix20/1
zoroarkPokemon - Zoroark20/1

Puzzle decks

dressupPokemon - XY Female Trainer (Serena)20/1
fieldofflowersPokemon - Ledyba, Butterfree, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Diglett, Dodrio, Exeggutor, Mankey, Venomoth, Gloom, Weepinbell20/1
riversidePokemon - Pikachu, Ivysaur, Wartortle, Weedle, Raticate, Slowpoke, Goldeen, Togepi20/1

Special decks

darktypes1Pokemon - Dark-type Pokemon20/1
dragontypes1Pokemon - Dragon-type Pokemon20/1
electrictypes1Pokemon - Electric-type Pokemon20/1
fairytypes1Pokemon - Fairy-type Pokemon20/1
ghosttypes1Pokemon - Ghost-type Pokemon20/1
icetypes1Pokemon - Ice-type Pokemon20/1
normaltypes1Pokemon - Normal-type Pokemon20/1
psychictypes1Pokemon - Psychic-type Pokemon20/1
watertypes1Pokemon - Water-type Pokemon20/1