Cards for: Darkstalkers
Below you will find all the currently released Darkstalkers decks!

Decks are sorted first by category and then alphabetically by file name. If a series does not have all the deck types displayed then that means that we have no decks released from that deck type at the moment!

Character decks

PreviewDeck Name
(File Name)
DescriptionDeck Colour#/$
Demitri Maximoff
Darkstalkers - Demitri MaximoffBlue20/1
Donovan Baine
Darkstalkers - Donovan BaineBrown20/1
Darkstalkers - FeliciaBlue20/1
Darkstalkers - Hsien-KoPink20/1
Jedah Dohma
Darkstalkers - Jedah DohmaPurple20/1
Darkstalkers - LilithRed20/1
Morrigan Aensland
Darkstalkers - Morrigan AenslandPurple20/1