Cards for: Aikatsu!
Below you will find all the currently released Aikatsu! decks!

Decks are sorted first by category and then alphabetically by file name. If a series does not have all the deck types displayed then that means that we have no decks released from that deck type at the moment!

Character decks

PreviewDeck Name
(File Name)
DescriptionDeck Colour#/$
Akari Oozora
Aikatsu! - Akari OozoraOrange20/1
Aoi Kiriya
Aikatsu! - Aoi KiriyaBlue20/1
Ichigo Hoshimiya
Aikatsu! - Ichigo HoshimiyaPink20/1
Juri Kurebayashi
Aikatsu! - Juri KurebayashiRed20/1
Kii Saegusa
Aikatsu! - Kii SaegusaYellow20/1
Madoka Amahane
Aikatsu! - Madoka AmahanePink20/1
Mikuru Natsuki
Aikatsu! - Mikuru NatsukiYellow20/1
Miyabi Fujiwara
Aikatsu! - Miyabi FujiwaraPurple20/1
Mizuki Kanzaki
Aikatsu! - Mizuki KanzakiPurple20/1
Nono Daichi
Aikatsu! - Nono DaichiPink20/1
Ran Shibuki
Aikatsu! - Ran ShibukiPurple20/1
Rin Kurosawa
Aikatsu! - Rin KurosawaBlue20/1
Risa Shirakaba
Aikatsu! - Risa ShirakabaPurple20/1
Sora Kazesawa
Aikatsu! - Sora KazesawaBlue20/1
Sumire Hikami
Aikatsu! - Sumire HikamiPurple20/1
Yurika Toudou
Aikatsu! - Yurika ToudouBlue20/1

Puzzle decks

PreviewDeck Name
(File Name)
DescriptionDeck Colour#/$
Cute Look
Aikatsu! - Various CharactersPink20/1
Flower Idols
Aikatsu! - Akari Oozora and Ichigo HoshimiyaPurple20/1
Good Day, Good Night
Aikatsu! - Yurika Toudou and Ichigo HoshimiyaPink20/1
Kiss of Friendship
Aikatsu! - Mizuki Kanzaki and Mikuru NatsukiPink20/1
Magic Carpet Ride
Aikatsu! - Ran Shibuki and Sora KazesawaPurple20/1
Summer Oasis
Aikatsu! - Ran Shibuki, Sora KazesawaPurple20/1
Vivid Kiss
Aikatsu! - Mikuru Natsuki and Hinaki ShinjouPink20/1