staff pay randomizer
Below are all the links to pick up each staff members's staff pay that can be picked up once per week! The current payout is meant to reflect the current activity of the TCG so if the general activity increases/decreases and there's more/less work to do later on then pay may also be increased/decreased to match.

Just click the link with your name and take everything you see there! Deck Makers should also click on the link that says "Deck Makers" and follow the instructions there in order to pick up your pay as if you're also a staff member, the pay for making decks is not included in your regular pay. As of March 15, 2017, the same applies for Site Game Makers as well!

Finally, if I made any mistakes please let me know! And as always, please do not refresh the page for better cards if you don't like what you see when you first load the page!

Amber Aqua Cami
Cassidy Kairi Kupo
mireia moe Selena
Shinya yasu
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