hiatus randomizers biweekly game replacements
For each week we're on hiatus, players are allowed to take one of the rewards below to make up for not being able to play the biweekly games! Please take the reward for the biweekly set that would be updated ONLY. If it's a week that Biweekly Set A would be updated if we weren't on hiatus, take the rewards under "Biweekly Set A" and if it's a week that Biweekly Set B would be updated, take the rewards under "Biweekly Set B"!

Don't forget you must post what you take HERE as well! If you forget to take the rewards before the week resets on Wednesday (see clock on sidebar for timezone) then you can't go back and take it for the week(s) missed. If you don't post in the forum thread, the rewards are also not considered valid.

In addition, please also replace the "YYMMDD" in the log with the date of the update that would've been posted that day that the biweekly set would've been refreshed! For example, on September 4 2019, the Biweekly Set A games would've been updated so you'd take the "Biweekly Set A" replacement rewards and change the date in the log to '190904'. On September 11 2019, the Biweekly Set B games would've been updated so you'd take the "Biweekly Set B" replacement rewards instead and change the date to '190911'!

Confused? Send Cassidy a forum PM or ask us on our Discord!


Biweekly Set A Replacements (YYMMDD): yuuto14, artistas10, deathrebel07, bonnie02, mejojovongaribaldi09, s-class15, setsunameiou14, outersenshi14, mew17, yuiohtsuki02, setsuna12, tsukumogami213, meltlilith12, kaitomomota15, ayanatsume05, +15 sakura petals


Biweekly Set B Replacements (YYMMDD): kotoriminami18, shiinamashiro10, aigis15, laylaserizawa02, yuukoichihara20, himemgranzchesta02, flowercrownssp09, haruokumura02, estrinaudo10, konzendouji04, yuukaichijou19, jakob15, leonskennedy11, chibiteatime09, keijitoma13, +15 sakura petals