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Below are the randomizers for 4 categories of cards: All Types, Characters, Puzzles, and Specials. Each randomizer also shows the cards, the text log, and the code you can copy + paste to use on the forums (that also comes with a reward log)!

All Cards

LOGNAME: yourname19, cardiabeckford07, yuukicross09, ryoukurokiba14, mimitachikawa17, haruhifujioka10, umbreon06, tragiclove06, cloudstrife19, pipbernadotte15, snowvilliers13, lawofcycles03, veryseriousfaces16, ryokotakamachi14, oswald08, kyouyahibari03, summer17, shirabetsukuyomi11, soumakanzaki15, glitterbutterflies15


LOGNAME: marimakinamillustrious05, rubykurosawa17, masaomitakatsukasa11, stevenstone16, illyasvielvoneinzbernfsn09, felt18, naotoshirogane05, magenanashiro04, zara14, keitsukishima18


LOGNAME: galaxystandardjr17, halloweenparty08, soulbond08, lingerieangels19, cooljewelries00302, beachfun13, ballpark17, oneinthesame17, popsong12, grishasrevelations16


LOGNAME: inspring03, spellcaster-type02, trccrossovers14, absolutezero06, enemyvessels03, christmas09, twintails03, artistclamp13, dragon-type15, darktypes113