sign up rules
Before submitting the join form below, make sure you read and understand all the rules as you will be expected to follow them!
  • You will need a valid e-mail address to receive your Starter Pack (and other e-mails we send) as well as a working website so we know you have a reliable place to host your cards. This website does not have to have your trade post all ready if it isn't yet!

  • Please use a realistic name or nickname! If your desired name is already taken on the member list, add a number, use a variation or choose another name. Also, do not include symbols or spaces in your name!

  • Members must upload their starter pack within two (2) weeks or you will be removed from the Member's List entirely and will need to rejoin. If you need more time, just let us know!

  • Update your trade post at least once per month even if it's just trades! If you don't and the last activity of any kind in your logs is from 2 or more months back, your status will be changed to inactive and you must reactivate your account to continue participating in the TCG.

  • After joining, you cannot take cards from updates made prior to your initial join date.

  • We do not allow direct linking any cards! Use the auto upload feature (for eTCG users), upload them to your own server, or upload them to a free image site that keeps filenames intact such as Photobucket.

  • It should go without saying but: do not cheat. There is literally no good reason to do this so don't do it! If we find out, you will be warned; continuing to cheat after the warning will result in immediate removal from the TCG.