At Sakura, you have the chance to receive extra rewards and perks just for being an active player in the TCG! This player is what other TCGs call their member of the month but here, we call them our Spotlight Member!

Each month, the admins will choose a player from our Members List who has not only been a consistently active player but also someone we think deserves recognition and a little extra something. In addition to the rewards listed below, the chosen player will also be featured on our sidebar for the duration of the month that they are in the spotlight!

  • A prize pack of 2 choice cards, 8 random cards, 50 sakura petals, and 2 sakura flowers.

  • A custom-made Achievement Badge to display on their post and profile on the site.

  • 4 extra pulls to use in each release posted that are not affected by the regular restrictions/limits per deck.

  • Their weekly limits at the Flower Shop will be doubled to let them buy up to 10 choice cards and a total worth of 30 cards from grab bags per week (instead of the regular limit of 5 choice cards and a total worth of 15 cards). All other regular limits apply!

  • Their monthly donation limits will be doubled to let them donate up to 10 decks in addition to any extra donations they have from a Character Skill.

  • The ability to choose 2 decks either from the Upcoming List or on the Donations Claims List that is marked as "Donated" that they want to be released during the month that they are in the spotlight. 1 deck will be released every other week starting the first update after being announced the spotlight member!

Keep in mind that aside from the prize pack and Achievement Badge, all other rewards will only last for the duration of the month that the member is in the spotlight for. If the player forgets to use or does not take full advantage of their rewards, they will not be able to use or take anything once a new month starts!

Also once a player has been chosen to be in the Sakura Spotlight, they cannot be chosen for the rest of the year so that other members may have a chance at being picked! However, they will be eligible to be chosen again once a new year starts.


This month, our Sakura Spotlight shines on ???!

If this is you, please pick up your reward here along with a badge to place on your trade post so that the staff will know who to allow the extra perks for! Feel free to also post this badge on the forums where needed.


Below are all the members who have won Sakura Spotlight, listed in order of the month they won! Hovering over their Member ID will show you what month they won and clicking it will lead you to their profile. Spotlight members will be added here once the month they're featured for finishes!