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At Sakura, all our decks feature various anime, manga, and game series from Japanese sources. These decks are made from images of various media types and are then categorized by 1 of 3 types: Character, Puzzle, or Special.

Due to how the cards were made, all of the decks we have here can be displayed as puzzles without worrying about spacing or card borders touching. Furthermore, the chart below provides more information on each deck type and even includes card previews!

Deck Type Description Info.
Character decks feature 1 character from a series and have a large image in the center of the deck that is surrounded by standalone cards. If the series that the chracter comes from has been adapted into more than one media type, we like to try to include images from each media adaptation type! Deck Count: 20
Card Worth: 1
Masterable? Yes!
Puzzle decks feature at least 2 or more characters from a series in the form of one large image which is broken up into individual cards so that once collected, will form the image. Deck Count: 20
Card Worth: 1
Masterable? Yes!
Special decks feature various characters from various series where the characters and/or series represented in it share the same topic or theme (see our Special decks for examples)! These decks can either be all standalone cards or a combination of puzzle and standalone cards. Deck Count: 20
Card Worth: 1
Masterable? Yes!

Warning: We are not a spoiler-free TCG!
We will try to keep spoilers in decks, games, etc. to a minimum but please understand that not everything can be avoided.


In addition to our regular decks, we also have 2 types of cards: Member IDs, and Event Achievements. While these cards are not part of one deck, they can be collected as a set for rewards like mastering a regular deck would!

Unlike regular card decks, however, these cards have a prefix code at the beginning of their file name to help differentiate them from the cards in our regular decks which is expained in the table below.

Card Type Description Info.
Member IDs are Sakura's version of Member Cards and are made for each player upon signing up for the TCG. They use the same design as regular decks but are wider in size, feature an image of the player's choice, and have a sakura flower in the top right corner. Each player has unlimited copies of their Member ID but they can only be traded with another player's once! Prefix Code: mc-
Card Worth: 0
Masterable? Yes! (in sets of 10)
Event Achievements are Sakura's version of Event Cards and are made whenever an achievement or event happens in the TCG. They use the same design as Member IDs, feature an image either of the admin or player's choice (depending on the event/achievement), and have the text "EVENT" in the top right corner. These cards are only available through updates for a limited time and can't be traded. Prefix Code: ev-
Card Worth: 0
Masterable? Yes! (in sets of 10)


Following the 08/02/17 update as part of our 1 Year Anniversary event, we allowed players who joined before August 1st to apply for a new Member ID that would replace their previous one thus making their old Member ID unable to be traded (if they chose to get a new one). That way, players who had already traded their old Member IDs with each other before could now trade each other again— this time with their new Member IDs!

However, players who have not traded Member IDs with someone before the other player received their new Member ID will no longer be able to obtain it through regular trading but they can obtain it from other methods like through wishes, events, or by claiming them from the Lost & Found when available! The Member IDs of players who've quit or have been inactive for 5+ months will also be added to and obtainable here!

Both old and new Member IDs can be used in the same set when turning Member IDs in for Special Mastery rewards but if you have both the old and new Member ID of a player, you can only use 1 at a time in a single set (ie. if Player A had both the old and new Member IDs of Player B and had not used the old one in a previous set that was turned in for rewards, they could only use either the old or new Member ID in one set and then the other one in another set).
TIP ! We suggest that players re-name any old Member IDs they had of another player's or moving them to a separate section/page so when you trade Member IDs with someone you already had the old Member ID of, it won't be overwritten and you can then display both old and new Member IDs.

An ID ending in "01" would be that player's very first Member ID while one ending in "02" would be the new ID they received from the 1st Anniversary event. Any Member ID ending in "03" would be that player's third ID that they received from the 2nd Anniversary event and have since applied for a new one during the 3rd Anniversary (which would then be their current ID named as "mc-Name")!


Once you have collected all of the cards in a deck or set, you have mastered it and can turn it in for rewards on the forums (for Member IDs and Event Achievements, use the Special Masteries forum)! However, doing so means you cannot trade away any of the cards used in the mastery unless the cards are from our regular decks and you obtain duplicates of them.

Rewards are as follow:
  • Regular Decks: 2 cards of choice, 3 random cards, 20 sakura petals + a master badge
  • Member IDs (in sets of 10): 6 random cards
  • Event Achievements (in sets of 10): 6 random cards


Like mentioned above, mastering a regular deck will also earn you a master badge that looks like the examples below:


These master badges are pre-made and anyone who masters a deck will get the same badge. However, we offer the option of custom master badges but only if you re-master a Character or Special deck first!

For those who are unsure, re-mastering just means you master a deck a second (or third, fourth, etc.) time after the first time you master it so for those who like a specific character or theme but don't want the same badge for every mastery of that deck or prefer a different image, we can make you a new badge with an image of your choice!

These custom master badges will look the same as the regular master badges but will have your name on it instead along with your image choice like the example below:

We allow a custom badge for every re-mastery after the first so if you've met this requirement and would like a custom badge of your own, apply for one on the forums!