let's play everyone's favorite game: i can't sleep

( Dec. 14, 2016 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set A, Upcoming Vote
Level Ups: Adelicya (Level 2); Ajisaitea (Level 9); Amanda (Level 3); Aqua (Level 8); Becca (Level 5); Cami (Level 8); Eon (Level 10); Haleyrenee (Level 7); Hotaru (Level 5); Jessica (Level 9); Kairi (Level 7); Kearin (Level 4); Samu (Level 9)
Masteries: Adelicya (takerufujiwara, erinanakiri, heathhasekura, megumitadokoro); Ajisaitea (suzuyatohzuki, gojyosha, procellagravi, utauhoshina, reijisakamaki, genjosanzo); Aqua (bayonetta, chiakimorisawa, harukananase, izumisena, drummers, tomoyamashiro, nazunanito, hanayokoizumi, hokutohidaka, guitarists, laitosakamaki, summernight, christmas); Becca (wetshirts, hanyuufurude, rainbowdays); Cami (underwaterswimming, sixgravity, ryuunosukemiyaji, naokamiya, destructionroad); Eon (ranshibuki, saberlily, jinamamiya, cutelook); haleyrenee (galaxystandardjr, rukimukami, reijisakamaki, toma, shuusakamaki, laitosakamaki); Hotaru (windyday, separatesouls, takumiusui); Jessica (ichigoamano, yuihirasawa, yuunishinoya, fairytaleteatime, yukaritakeba); Jun (blackmagiciangirl, kougyokuren, rikosakurauchi, rinmatsuoka, toma, vanillediaoerba, yuuseifudo, mai, blackmagiciangirl, nicoyazawa); Kayori (orihimeinoue, beachvolleyball); Kearin (iwasamecafe, underwaterswimming, sherylnome, makototachibana, nagisahazuki, tsumugikotobuki, sousukeyamazaki, luciananami, yuihirasawa, autumn, harukananase, gojyosha, genjosanzo); min (ryuunosukemiyaji, shikikagurazaka, cvmamorumiyano, shinobusengoku, yohtomoe, hokutohidaka, tomoyamashiro); Mina (missionpreparations, toukidenkiwami, kururusumeragi, juliusvisconti, galaxystandardsr, chiakimorisawa, erinanakiri, bproject, suzuyatohzuki, cvtakahirosakurai, christmas); Minty (crowarmbrust, loveaquarium, toma); Mio (eliayase, inoriyuzuriha, trainingcampsleepover); moe (lightmusicclub, rainbowdays, eliayase, renjinguji, crowarmbrust, reanschwarzer); Samu (kururusumeragi, sakuramatou, satoshiisshiki, sherylnome, ryuunosukemiyaji, suzuyatohzuki, starryskyinwinter)

Wishing Tree

Eon"How about three sakura flowers? :D" Sure!
Hotaru"I wish for cards spelling out SNOOPY b/c I'm watching the Charlie Brown Xmas Special <3" No restrictions on this one.
Lee"I wish for choice cards spelling out COLD" Also no restrictions!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Event Updates

It's been brought to our attention that some players have been receiving more coupons of specific types than they’re allowed to use (ie. because of limits to how many adoptions or box sets that can be applied for). We haven't decided on how to resolve this yet, so please just hold on to those coupons for now until we figure something out!

In the meantime, please make an effort to not only check the posts before yours in santa's workshop (to see if what you were planning to buy for someone has already been bought/will be bought and they have no use for more of that gift) but also check the Christmas Tree threads of the players you want to gift (to see if they've already received the max. amount of certain gifts that can be used).

As for those of you who have Christmas Trees, please try to keep track of what presents you are/will be getting in your threads for gifts that limits would apply to (ie. additional adoptions/box sets, free hanami deck cards)!

Sorry about this hassle! We didn't think about this potentially happening so we don't have a solution ready to go but we'll try to get something figured out ASAP!


There is now a forum thread to handle the deck requests from using the special coupon to do so! The info. page has not been updated with this yet but please use that thread to make your deck requests so it'll make keeping track of everything easier since it's all in one place.


The next update will be on December 21st with Cassidy!

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( Dec. 07, 2016 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Ajisaitea (Level 8); AL (Level 3); Cas (Level 2); Jules (Level 8); Kayori (Level 4); Kearin (Level 3); Mina (Level 7, Level 8); yasu (Level 2)
Masteries: Ajisaitea (edwardelric, hayatoaozora, tokiyaichinose, makototachibana, tsubakiasahina); AL (hokutohidaka, naotoshirogane); Amanda (reijisakamaki); Aqua (umisonoda, vocalists, twodudesinaforest, arashinarukami, shuzo); Becca (abelnightroad, harukananami, toshirouhitsugaya, company); Cas (eliayase, rinhoshizora, honokakousaka, nicoyazawa, haruhifujioka); Eon (tokiyaichinose, inoriyuzuriha, laitosakamaki, summernight); haleyrenee (subarusakamaki, separatesouls); Hotaru (syaoranli, lightmusicclub); Jessica (stride, autumn, syaoranli, yuikomori, eschamalier); Jules (tsubakiasahina, ranshibuki, ichigohoshimiya, sakura, hokutohidaka, drummers, laitosakamaki, naokamiya, stride, shizumamayuzumi, takerufujiwara, kyousukekuga); Kairi (autumn, suzuyatohzuki, julymermaids, nagisahazuki, nepgear, sherylnome); Kayori (cvmamorumiyano, yohtomoe); Kearin (anisyamamoto, ohanamatsumae, sayakamiki); Lee (megumitadokoro, beachvolleyball, saberlily, chii, syaoranli); Lex (grandopening, makototachibana, yukaritakeba, victorianball); Minty (yuikomori, ryuunosukemiyaji, eschamalier, shikikagurazaka); Mio (starryskyinwinter, hanyuufurude, blackmagiciangirl); moe (crowarmbrust, alicebaskerville, celestialrecord, shikiichinose); Natsu (azusaasahina, umisonoda, hokutohidaka, mikakagehira); Samu (soumayukihira, toshirouhitsugaya, shuusakamaki, harukananase, laitosakamaki); Wing (asbellhant, bayonetta); yasu (julymermaids, loveaquarium, magicianscourt, takumiusui)

Wishing Tree

Each week there will be at least 1 normal wish and 1 Christmas/holiday wish but we plan on granting lots of wishes this month so look forward to that as I try to clear out older wishes, and if you haven't yet then keep sending those wishes in too! Don't forget to send each wish in a separate form to get the reward both times, and make sure your second wish is something everyone can benefit from!

Miro"cards spelling december cos i'm not creative! :^D" No more than 2 cards per deck!
Hotaru"I wish for everyone to get a sakura flower <3" Don't forget to log this too!
Eon"How about 5 random cards :D" Head on over to our general randomizer and take the first 5 cards you see from the "All Cards" section!

Please comment with everything you're taking from these wishes as well~

Deck Release

I'm beginning to think we'll never go back to 8 deck releases, at least not anytime soon LOL. But still, we won't always have 12 deck releases so enjoy these when they appear! The juvialockser deck is the first of Samu's deck requests for being this month's spotlight winner~

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer*!

* Because I added the halloween2016 deck with these decks, a card from the deck will show up in the Update Randomizer so if you're using that, please replace the halloween2016 card with another card from a deck that was released today!

Collaboration Deck Release

We've got a double Collaboration deck release today so keep in mind that the freebies listed below apply to each of the decks! That means if you donated to both of the decks then you get to take your card from both decks.

Donators can take the card they donated from the decks.
If your donation is the master badge, you can take any card from the deck as your donation.
The deckmakers can take 1 extra card from the deck they made.
If you want to take any card from this deck that isn't your donation, it will be included in the 12 cards you can take from this update as part of the new deck release.

Event Updates

Even though the Halloween Event finished not too long ago, it's already time for the next one: our Christmas Event! There's a bunch of activities to do this time so make sure you read over the Event Information thoroughly!! The event starts today and will finish on the December 31st. (I'll get the forum section and threads up before I go to sleep tonight, promise!) Everything should now be fully up!

Since this is another event that you can earn event currency from by playing games, using services, etc. and we've already had some games update this month that would be affected by this, here's what will happen!
  • To make up for the week of 12/01 - 12/07 when Biweekly Set A games were updated but the cookies were not added to them yet due to the event only starting today, those who have already played that set can add 15 cookies for each game they got a reward from (for a total of up to 90 cookies, depending on how many games were completed) to their collection and log it as "Christmas Event (Biweekly Set A Compensation)".

  • Those of you who have already played the Monthly Games for December can add 30 cookies for each puzzle completed and/or wish submitted (for a total of up to 210 cookies, depending on how many puzzles and/or wishes that were completed and/or submitted) to their collection and log it as "Christmas Event (Monthly Games Compensation)".
If you haven't played either or both of these sets then disregard this all and play the games like normal as cookies have now been added to them! Also if any of you come across a game from the Weekly Set, Biweekly Set A, Biweekly Set B or Puzzle Mania, Wishing Tree, or Upcoming Vote that doesn't have any cookies, please let me know!

Finally, as soon as you either: participate in Stocking Stuffers (by posting in another player's thread to stuff their stocking), make a purchase at Santa's Workshop, and/or put up a Christmas Tree then you can apply for an Event Participation Achievement Badge on the forums!


In conjunction with the Christmas Event starting today, a new information page has been added to our Guide about all the Sakura Coupons currently available, how to earn them, and how to use them. You can also click this link to be redirected to the exact page!

The results of the Autumn Lottery were also posted a few days ago so check that out over here and see if you purchased one of the winning tickets!

I also (finally) added the event deck from the Halloween Event to the database because I apparently forgot to do that after October… OTL So now cards from halloween2016 will show up in randomizers and can be collected/mastered like a normal special deck.

And lastly, I just want to apologize for how late this update is going up at! Or well, kind of late depending on what time zone you guys are in lol. But for me, it's past midnight already and I have to wake up in 7 hours for work R.I.P and since I started this TCG, I think I've been pretty good at posting the update before midnight so I'm a little sad at myself!


I was planning on getting a new layout up today because I really wanted a Christmas/winter layout but I thought I'd have more time to make and code one than I actually did so that will be happening some other time in the hopefully near future! I also want to change the header and possibly colours on the forums as well so look forward to that (whenever I can get around to it lol…)!

Also as a sort of a continuation from why the update is going up a bit later than normal, I just want to mention that on top of working until 9 PM today (hence the later update) I have shifts every single day for the rest of the week with only a single day off on Sunday before working again on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesay, Friday, and Saturday so my presence and activity around here, the forums, and on the admin side of things might lessen or be a little slow so I'm apologizing in advance for that. I will do my best to still be around and respond to things where and when I can, though! The holidays are just a super busy time for retail which I'm sure is not surprising to any of you lmao.

OTHER THAN THAT... there's nothing else to mention as far as I can remember right now so Aqua will see you guys with the next update on December 14!!

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