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( Nov. 23, 2016 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Aki (Level 2); Aqua (Level 7); Cami (Level 7); Natsu (Level 7)
Masteries: Adelicya (reijisuwa, shizumamayuzumi); Ajisaitea (syaoranli, saiseihsst, ryuunosukemiyaji, gokuson, sakurakinomoto, starryskyinwinter, tomoyodaidouji, utapridebut); Aki (mikleo); AL (sousukeyamazaki, rinmatsuoka, nagisahazuki, takumiusui, hajimemutsuki, masatohijirikawa); Aqua (anisyamamoto, inspring, shuusakamaki, windyday, shin, yuikomori, reijisakamaki); Becca (autumn, toma); Cami (sousukeyamazaki, haineotomiya, asbellhant, vocalists, mayusakuma, stevenstone, sorey, winterspremonition, mikakagehira, erinanakiri); Eon (ichigohoshimiya, magicianscourt, missionpreparations, shikikagurazaka, takumiusui, toukidenkiwami, vocalists, harukananami); haleyrenee (galaxystandardsr, grandopening, ichigoamano, nepgear, tomoyoitano, tsumugikotobuki, winterspremonition, autumn, eschamalier, ichigohoshimiya, cutelook); Hotaru (cvmamorumiyano, syaoranli, vanillediaoerba, separatesouls); Jessica (alicebaskerville, mamitomoe, renjinguji, orihimeinoue, sherylnome); Jules (yukaritakeba, yohtomoe, hestia, yuikomori, reijisakamaki, vocalists, shuusakamaki, rankalee, asbellhant, naotoshirogane, mayusakuma, nicoyazawa, umisonoda); Kairi (anisyamamoto, kururusumeragi, yuihirasawa, ohanamatsumae, sousukeyamazaki, sherylnome); Kayori (utapridebut, dragonsong); Lee (erinanakiri, yuunishinoya, soumayukihira); Lex (tomoyodaidouji, sayakamiki, julymermaids); Kearin (gokuson, haineotomiya); min (chiakimorisawa, juliusvisconti, shin, mai); Minty (autumn, izumisena, madokakaname, mamitomoe, stride, subarusakamaki); Mio (harukananami, shin, rinmatsuoka, sousukeyamazaki, mai, nicoyazawa); moe (anisyamamoto, reijisuwa, arashinarukami, asbellhant, harukananami, chierisono, mayusakuma); Natsu (galaxystandardjr, galaxystandardsr, soumayukihira, saiseihsst, shizumamayuzumi); Samu (rinmatsuoka, rangikumatsumoto, rankalee, ranshibuki, syaoranli, sorey, inoriyuzuriha, separatesouls, reijisakamaki)

Wishing Tree

Becca"I wish for the Abel Nightroad deck to be made and released because I've waited forever to collect him a million times :D :D :D" So you'll find the Abel Nightroad deck included in the release below!

haleyrenee / Lara / Mio / Samu — All wished for free merchandise/shop items so everyone may take 2 items from the Petal Shop for free! Just comment with what you're taking, please~ You can also mix and match from different categories!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


We've reached 50 members!! There won't be an Event Achievement this time but everyone can take 50 Sakura Petals and choice cards spelling out MEMBERS! 1 per deck, please, and comment with what you take~

In other news, I added a thread for Event Participation Achievement Badges which will continue to be used for any events we host at the TCG. Right now, any players who participated in either Part 1, Part 2, or both of the parts in the Halloween Event can apply for a Halloween Event Participation badge!

I also added a note to the Interactive page regarding the fact that series and characters only found on the Upcoming List were being used as answers for game rounds. Basically, this is allowed so if you don't think any of the currently released decks are the answer or related to it then make sure you check out the Upcoming List too!

On a related note, I've changed the images for Memory Test, Lucky Threes and Blind Date thanks to the suggestions I've received over on the forums! If any of you have other series in mind that you think could work for either Lucky Threes or Blind Date (or both!), let me know in the General Suggestions thread.

The other thing I wanted to mention today (that I almost forgot) is a reminder to pay attention to when updates expire! As of today, any update made up until September 23 cannot be taken from anymore unless you're a prejoiner in which case, you have an extra month to take any freebies from updates made before September 23.

Please remember to apply the 2 month rule (or 3 months if you're a prejoiner) to all other updates made after September 23 as well! (ie. non-prejoiners have until January 23 to take freebies from this update before they expire while prejoiners have until February 23.)

And lastly, I just rearranged the order of the Quick News at the beginning/top of each update so that some of the other information doesn't get buried/overlooked whenever there are a lot of masteries which is all the time! I don't know if anyone will care about this aside from me, though lol...


If you guys missed my tweets from last night, I'm going to repeat what I said there! I'll be a bit busy for the next three days because of work curse Black Friday sales!!!! so although I'll have time to do things when I get home from my shifts, I'll likely be super pooped out and too tired to do anything aside from just relaxing and doing other things besides admin work.

HOWEVER, I'm not saying that I won't do anything at all!! It's just that I will be a bit slower the next few days and might only feel up to doing a couple of things each day/night so if you end up feeling like you're waiting longer than normal for things to be replied to then I apologize but ask for your understanding! My schedule will be a bit more empty next week aside from a couple of short shifts at work and going out of town next weekend so I'll be able to do more things then.

Other than that, I'll also take this time to remind you guys that the end of the month is coming up soon so if you haven't played the monthly games, handed in your donations for the month, picked up your birthday present and badge (if your birthday was this month), and/or haven't spent all your candy at the Treat Shop yet, make sure you remember to do that!!

The next update will actually be on December 1 since once again, our weekly update day and the first of the new month are right after each other which means a combined update! As for who that update will be with, it's a surprise! So until then!!!

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