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( Nov. 09, 2016 )
New Members: Adelicya, Cas, min
Level Up: Aqua (Level 6); Cami (Level 5, Level 6); Eon (Level 8); haleyrenee (Level 4); Kairi (Level 5); Lex (Level 3); Mio (Level 6); Miro (Level 2); Samu (Level 7)
Masteries: Ajisaitea (cvmamorumiyano, shikikagurazaka, sayakamiki, yohtomoe, iwasamecafe, separatesouls, utauhoshina); Aki (crowarmbrust); AL (renjinguji); Amanda (gokuson, rukimukami); Aqua (celestialrecord, hanyuufurude, ichigoamano, mikleo, nanasakurai, partydresses, rukimukami, sorey, autumn, chierisono, kobatohanato, kougyokuren, mai, subarusakamaki, thewindwaker, winterspremonition, sousukeyamazaki, nicoyazawa); Cami (grandopening, makototachibana, renjinguji, shikikagurazaka, utapridebut, haruhifujioka, nozomitojou, magicianscourt, faidflourite, hayatoaozora, rukimukami, arashinarukami, pastelcandy, chiakimorisawa, autumn, toma, julymermaids); Cassidy (cvmamorumiyano, mutsukikurama, sleepypicnic); Eon (shuzo, reijisuwa, procellagravi, nanasakurai, loveaquarium, galaxystandardsr, dragonsong, yukaritakeba, victorianball, juliusvisconti, grandopening, starryskyinwinter, tokiyaichinose, thewindwaker); haleyrenee (saiseihsst, kyousukekuga, heathhasekura, nicoyazawa); Hotaru (cvmamorumiyano, haineotomiya, mutsukikurama); Jessica (takerufujiwara, kururusumeragi, utapridebut, toma, cvmamorumiyano, erinanakiri, sleepypicnic); Jules (mikleo, nagisahazuki, tomoyamashiro); Kairi (inoriyuzuriha, vanillediaoerba, yukaritakeba, kururusumeragi, ohanamatsumae); Kearin (ichigoamano, genjosanzo); Lara (tomoyodaidouji, nozomitojou); Lee (gokuson, genjosanzo, tomoyodaidouji); Manda (akarimizunashi, tomoyoitano); Mina (rankalee, kyousukekuga, subarusakamaki, ryuunosukemiyaji, yuikomori, autumn, sweetsummer); Mio (mutsukikurama, hayatoaozora, honokakousaka, autumn, sweetsummer, beachvolleyball); Miro (hajimeiwaizumi, beachvolleyball, trainingcampsleepover, tobiokageyama, eliayase, makinishikino); moe (crowarmbrust, procellagravi, ryuunosukemiyaji, shuusakamaki); Natsu (chiakimorisawa, kyousukekuga, megumitadokoro, reijisuwa, tobiokageyama, tomoyamashiro, hajimemutsuki); Samu (iwasamecafe, nagisahazuki, sousukeyamazaki, tsukumogami1, hestia, procellagravi, makototachibana, rangikumatsumoto)
Referrals: Mina (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B

Wishing Tree

Adelicya"Choice cards #11 and #08 because 11/08 is the US Presidential Election." No restrictions or limits!
Cassidy"Since it was my birthday this past Saturday, I want everyone to take choice cards spelling out CASSIDY, 4 Sakura Flowers, and 100 Sakura Petals!" Again, no restrictions or limits!

Deck Release

This week and next week's releases will be a little bit bigger just so we can try and release as many of the decks you guys voted for since there was surprisingly little overlap for a lot of the votes! I'm going to apologize in advance if we don't manage to release at least one of the decks that one of you voted for, though. ;;

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Event Achievements

I forgot to post this like… updates ago so THIS IS MY BAD!! But here is an Event Achievement to celebrate Halloween!

Event Achievements: ev-halloween2016


I don't think I ever stated this anywhere but it'd be really appreciated if you guys didn't submit pre-edited images for anything we make whether it be donations for decks or custom graphics and goodies! Pre-cropped images are fine in the case of custom graphics but pre-edited images, especially things like "Tumblr edits" or screencaps of edited gifs (or even just including gifs themselves in donations) are really not helpful or ideal for graphics/deck making.

Usually we'll try to avoid these images when making decks but in the cases where there aren't many images provided and we have no choice but to use them, they're just a pain to use and colour-correct to match the rest of the deck because they're often over edited, have lots of filters on top, and/or are already sharpened so when we add our own editing filters or resize things, it just looks weird when we re-sharpen them again.

However, if we're making something custom for you then you're free to submit edits or whatever if that's what you really want! Just know that whatever the result you get is the best we could do. ;;

That being said, it should also go without saying but low quality images usually result in low quality looking graphics no matter how much editing we may do. Sometimes it can't be helped if there's a specific image you really like but you can't find a higher quality or if the image is of something that doesn't have a lot of images to begin with but if you want quality graphics (and decks too for that matter) then quality images are needed!

Of course, we'll always try to make everything as nice as possible but if it's a custom graphic we're making and you don't mind if it doesn't come out as nice as it could if a better quality image was given then that's no problem and you can keep doing what you're doing. But for things like decks that more people than just you will be using/keeping, we'd like to try and make things as nice as they can!

In other news, we finally have a Twitter! I added a widget for it on the sidebar so even if you don't have an account and can't follow us, you can still easily check out what we're tweeting about just by visiting the site. If we ever end up postponing an update, have quick notices to announce that don't really warrant its own update, or just want to give out some random freebies then we'll tweet them out so it's worth checking out every so often!

I also finally added a Community section to the forums with a few pre-made sub-forums to start off with (that a few of you have already started using which is great)! Generally, you can post and create topics for whatever you want in these forums but remember to keep things (relatively) work safe and appropriate and all that common sense stuff. We want everyone to feel comfortable here so please keep that in mind! Also, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for other sub-forums to add to the community section, let me know!


As always, if you guys ever have any suggestions then post them over in our Suggestions thread! I'm thinking of adding a few more games to the forums that I had thought of when I was first planning the TCG but I don't know if I'll add those right away or before the year is over since I still need to think them through a bit more... In either case though, I'm open to possible new game ideas (and anything else really like Christmas event ideas or new characters to use for Lucky Three and Blind Date) so if you guys have any, throw them my way!!

That's about it for this week, I think... This update feels kind of all over the place so sorry about that! I'll see you guys around the forums and all that and Aqua will see you guys on November 16 for the next update!

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