only four more days!!!!

( Dec. 21, 2016 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
New Affiliates: Spotlight!
Level Ups: Aki (Level 3); Aqua (Level 9); Cami (Level 9); Jessica (Level 10); Kayori (Level 5); Kearin (Level 5); Lex (Level 5); Mio (Level 8)
Masteries: Ajisaitea (yohtomoe, madokakaname, cvmamorumiyano, rukimukami, shizumamayuzumi, masatohijirikawa, hn-jessica); Aki (haruhifujioka, glassslipper, kanamimashita, chii, kotoriminami, kobatohanato, rankalee, ichigohoshimiya); Amber (naotoshirogane); Aqua (destructionroad, eschamalier, faidflourite, inoriyuzuriha, mayusakuma, miyukihoshizora, mutsukikurama, separatesouls, sweetsummer, coupleofallcosmos, fairytaleteatime, niceflowers, sakura, summeroasis, syaoran, toma, koumukami); Cami (rinhoshizora, yohtomoe, subarusakamaki, tokiyaichinose, hn-jessica, chiakimorisawa, bproject, asbellhant, rikajougasaki); Cas (umisonoda, winterspremonition, windyday, lucina, hajimeiwaizumi); Cassidy (chierisono, nanasakurai, shin, shunshimotsuki); Eon (rikajougasaki, juliusvisconti, iorifujimura, zain, shizumamayuzumi, eschamalier, mayushimada, stevenstone); haleyrenee (umisonoda, sleepypicnic); Hotaru (sakura, arashinarukami); Jessica (hn-samu, hn-ajisaitea, hn-cami, hn-jules, ichigohoshimiya, summernight, madokakaname, shinobusengoku); Jules (tomoyamashiro, harukananase, utapridebut, nazunanito, harukananami, iwasamecafe, rinmatsuoka, sousukeyamazaki, renjinguji, wetshirts, rikajougasaki, shikiichinose, mikakagehira, sherylnome, juliusvisconti, syaoranli, luciananami, violette); Kairi (chierisono, drummers, nanakodojima, vocalists, kamuishirou, fairytaleteatime, victorianball); Kayori (gojyosha, procellagravi, gokuson, faidflourite, gamushararomantic); Kearin (kanamimashita, tomoyodaidouji, utauhoshina, betsuma2015calendar, kougyokuren, sakurakinomoto, twodudesinaforest, vanillediaoerba, eschamalier, alicebaskerville, lightmusicclub, nanasakurai, cutelook, ichigoamano, kobatohanato, loveaquarium, takumiusui, julymermaids, rinmatsuoka, tsumugikotobuki, yuihirasawa, gojyosha); Lee (neroclaudius, tobiokageyama, satoshiisshiki, gojyosha); Lex (vanillediaoerba, madokakaname, rinmatsuoka); Manda (bayonetta); Megumi (chii); min (toma, nazunanito, shuusakamaki, suzuyatohzuki, midoritakamine, violette); Minty (hajimemutsuki, kotoriminami, akarimizunashi, lightmusicclub, magicianscourt); Mio (destructionroad, kenkaneki, chiakimorisawa, yuihirasawa); Miro (nozomitojou, winterspremonition, yukaritakeba, roymustang); Samu (syaoranli, soumayukihira, sakura, madokakaname)

Wishing Tree

Since Christmas is only four days away, and we won't have an update on the actual Christmas day, I'll be giving you guys a bunch of presents today instead!

Raie"Everyone gets 50 free cookies! (Don't eat them all at once!)"
moe / Cami"in honor of those who have to work on christmas, can we get choice cards spelling out CHRISTMAS? please save our souls" Even though I have Christmas off, I feel this so deeply because of all the holiday shifts I've been working... So no restrictions or limits on these choice cards!
Mina / Wing"I wish for choice cards spelling "presents" because christmas presents!!" No restrictions or limits on these either!
Kearin / Cami"I wish for a double deck release for christmas~" So check out the release below for 16 decks (because I originally only planned to release 8 decks per update even though we've been doing 10~12 lately)!
Samu"I wish for everyone to recieve +1 pull with the next release!" So everyone can pull 1 extra card from any of the new decks below on top of whatever pulls you're normally allowed to take! Just log it like you would for any other wish.

In addition to all of these granted wishes, everyone can also take 500 sakura petals, 10 sakura flowers, 1 regular coupon (from the first table on the Coupons info. page), and the first 20 random cards upon loading the randomizer for the first time! Log these as "Christmas Present" from us here at Sakura to you, the fantastic players!!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 16 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Event Updates

I finally decided on a solution to being gifted special coupons that have a limited use to them! So what you can do if you were gifted more coupons than you need (ie. you received 3 "Additional Adoption" coupons but as each player can only have up to 5 adoptions at any given time, you would only need 2 coupons to max out your adoption limit) is to just return them via our Gift Returns thread! It has all the information on what a return entails, and how to make one so please give it a read if you need to use it!

Also, I updated the main page of the Event Information since I didn't realize until now that the dates weren't matching up. So, you guys have until December 28th to keep collecting cookies (that’s only one week from now!!!) but once that week's update goes up, cookies will be removed from games and services! Santa’s Workshop will remain open until December 31st though and then anything not responded to or any presents not delivered by then will be completed throughout the week(s) following.


First of all, this is just a reminder that for some of the Special Coupons, a link to where you received that special coupon is required when using them! I've gone easy on those of you who hadn't done this so far because I know they're new additions to the TCG and I'm sure you guys just forgot about that requirement but in the future, I won't be as lenient and I'll encourage staff to be the same. To find out which coupons require proof, please make sure you read the Coupons information page!

In other news, I added two new Achievement Badges that can be applied for: Reaching Level 10 and Mastering 100 Decks! Only one player has fulfilled these achievements so far but as soon as anyone else does, feel free to apply for them as well!

Lastly, I just want to thank all the staff who've responded to the PM I sent out a couple of days ago! I've already replied to the first two staff who I've offered the available jobs to so if you haven't received a new message from me then the positions have been filled!

What I would like to mention though is that I really appreciate how many of you offered to fill in for the time being!!! I would've liked to send out individual PMs to you all but I've been working all week and not only did I have an eight hour shift today, I also have one coming up tomorrow so I predict I'll be too tired or lazy to do anything really productive, including replying to a lot of messages. OTL If I find the time to, I will send out those PMs though! I will definitely reply to those who are officially filling in too, just give me a few days or so to do that. ;;;


I’m beginning to wonder if I'll actually get a holiday layout up for the site lmao… It’s looking like I won't be able to this year and I'm honestly really sad and regretful about that because I love making everything Christmas-y but there's always next year, right!!! I will definitely work on a new layout for the new year though so look forward to that! Although when I say for the "new year", it doesn't mean there'll be a new one on January 1st since it probably won’t be ready for then lol...

I’ll be updating the Coupons information page as well as the Hanami Decks information page with a few extra details related to questions that've been asked recently but I won’t be able to do either of them until I’m fully coherent and able to write properly (and also when I have time to sit down and actually Do Things)… OTL

I also plan on introducing a few new games and rolling out some changes starting sometime in January now that I think we've all settled into the TCG more or less, and I have a better grasp on how active players are and how things are progressing in general so be prepared for that!

Annnnd that's it for today! Aqua will see you guys next week on December 28 for the final update of not only this month but the entire year!!!!!

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