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( Oct. 12, 2016 )
New Members: Nea
Level Up: Ajisaitea (Level 4); Aqua (Level 4); Becca (Level 3); Cami (Level 3); Eon (Level 5); Hotaru (Level 3); Jessica (Level 4); Lex (Level 2); Mina (Level 4); Mio (Level 4); moe (Level 2); Natsu (Level 5); Samu (Level 5); Shark (Level 2)
Masteries: Ajisaitea (makototachibana, betsuma2015calendar, tomoyodaidouji, utauhoshina, yohtomoe, masatohijirikawa, gojyosha, faidflourite, genjosanzo); Aqua (akarimizunashi, cutelook, ichigohoshimiya, mayushimada, nepgear, ranshibuki, rikosakurauchi, tsumugikotobuki, victorianball, grandopening, pastelcandy, tomoyodaidouji, rinmatsuoka); Becca (masatohijirikawa, kobatohanato, tokiyaichinose, genjosanzo); Cami (iwasamecafe, kotoriminami, gamushararomantic, tokiyaichinose, ichigoamano, procellagravi, saiseihsst, takumiusui, shin); Cassidy (magicianscourt, tsumugikotobuki, rikosakurauchi, rainbowdays, yuihirasawa, victorianball); Dina (shinobusengoku, mai, celestialrecord); Eon (honokakousaka, shuzo, utapridebut); haleyrenee (chii, pastelcandy, rinhoshizora, magicianscourt, makinishikino); Hotaru (tomoyodaidouji, haruhifujioka); Jessica (chierisono, haineotomiya, beachvolleyball, grandopening, partydresses, honokakousaka, megumitadokoro, ichigohoshimiya, pastelcandy); Josie (beachvolleyball, magenanashiro); Jules (sayakamiki, tomoyoitano, chierisono, rikosakurauchi, ryuunosukemiyaji, mayushimada); Jun (kotoriminami, blackmagiciangirl, nozomitojou); Kairi (haineotomiya, kotoriminami); Kiyomi (lightmusicclub, rainbowdays, ichigohoshimiya, ichigoamano, betsuma2015calendar, pastelcandy); Lex (haruhifujioka); Mio (chii, blackmagiciangirl, kobatohanato, sakurakinomoto); Mina (procellagravi, nanasakurai, reijisuwa, shizumamayuzumi, satoshiisshiki, mai, haineotomiya, shin); Minty (grandopening); moe (loveaquarium, mai, nanasakurai, rikosakurauchi); Natsu (hayatoaozora, hajimeiwaizumi, inspring, masatohijirikawa, ryuunosukemiyaji, rinmatsuoka, takerufujiwara); Samu (akarimizunashi, yuihirasawa, takumiusui, grandopening, arashinarukami, haineotomiya, chii, nepgear, sakurakinomoto, anisyamamoto); Shark (inspring, mai, rankalee, tokiyaichinose, underwaterswimming, shin, yohtomoe, hayatoaozora, ryuunosukemiyaji, cvmamorumiyano, grandopening); Story (sorey, celestialrecord); Wing (makinishikino, kotoriminami, glassslipper, mamitomoe)
Referrals: Eon (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B (Halloween Event candies have been added!)

Wishing Tree

Ajisaitea, haleyrenee, Shark — All wished for more Sakura Flowers with Ajisaitea & Shark specifically asking for 2 so go ahead and take 2 Sakura Flowers!

Eon"cass please free julius (visconti)" And because Eon keeps sending me messages saying FREE HIM, I might as well! You'll find him included in the release below~

Deck Release

A few of you have actually been wishing for a double deck release but because I plan on waiting to fulfill that wish for a little bit longer, I'll release an extra four decks today to make up for it and to let you guys know that I'm not ignoring your requests! Also, the yukaritakeba deck is the first of Kairi (our spotlight member)'s requests~

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Donators can take the card(s) they donated from this deck.
If your donation is the master badge, you can take any card from the deck as your donation.
The deckmaker can take 1 extra card from this deck.
If you want to take any card from this deck that isn't your donation, it will be included in the 12 cards you can take from this update as part of the new deck release.

Event Achievements

Annnnd since we're now at 100 decks, it's Event Achievement time!! If we reach 50 members, you can expect another Event Achievement so-- *cough*refersomeplayersplease*cough* But until then, everyone can take the Event Achievement below:

Event Achievements: ev-100decks


I don't think I ever mentioned this but in case there are some of you who didn't know, I've been added a few new threads to the forums over the past couple of weeks! Namely:
  • Information & Activity Changes where you can update information on your profile or change you activity status from active to hiatus (and to return from a hiatus as well).

  • Quitting where you can make a post to let us know that you'd like to quit the TCG and drop off a list of the cards in your post so we can add them to a future service.

  • Error Reporting (Profiles & Related) where you can report errors related to your profile on the site such as missing masteries, typos in filenames, images not showing up, etc. Just give us a few days to a week after you do something in the TCG before reporting an error in case we just haven't had time to add your new masteries, level ups, etc. yet!

  • Wishlists which is actually a new sub-forum where you can make a thread to post your wishlist and offer an alternative for trading!
Other than that, I don't think there was anything else worth mentioning since I didn't really have a chance to change or add anything new this week and as far as I can remember there weren't any issues or topics I needed to bring up either? SO I GUESS THAT'S IT FOR THIS WEEK! But if I suddenly remember I needed to mention something, I might edit it in here lol...

Coming Up

The next update will be on October 19, and it'll be with Aqua!

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