i accidentally lost the first copy of this update lmfao

( Jul. 18, 2018 )
New Members: Maitland – Welcome!
Referrals: Alecks (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Bonus Weekly Set, Biweekly Set B


We passed this milestone a while ago but in typical me fashion, I didn't notice until recently so that's why you guys are only getting this Event Achievement now when we're at 1600+ decks released lmao... As long as you joined before/on today, then you can take it!

Event Achievements: ev-1500decks


Amber"I wish for everyone to be able to take from the Biweekly Rewards box once this week, even if they don't have the adoption or it is not their week to do so!" If this week was your week to take from this box, you may take it again using this wish. However, this wish will expire with next week's update so make sure you grab it before then!

Please also comment with what you grab, and note it as part of this wish somewhere in your logs. When claiming this wish, please write in the box "Using Amber's wish from 07/18" or something like that!

Ajisaitea"It's the month of Fireworks so I would like cards spelling FIREWORKS with no limits." Don't forget to comment with these as well!


You may take a total of 20 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
If using the Double Release Pulls coupon, you may take a total of 40 cards but no more than 3 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.

If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on our Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


After weeks of teasing and postponing, the summer event is finally ready to be revealed!! Please read all the information for it by clicking the banner below or on the sidebar, and if you're interested in participating then sign ups for the event are now open on the forums until next week, the 25th. (Links will be updated once I post the threads, etc. after this!)

Don't forget that the event HAS NOT officially started yet! That'll happen next week after the update is posted so please wait until then to do anything. (And please don't @ me for using yet another BanG Dream! image okay thanks)


An Official Discord has finally been made for all the TCGs I own! At the moment, only Sakura is represented but if/when I ever get around to opening the other TCGs I have planned, their channels will be on this server as well. I meant to do this a while ago but wasn't sure how useful it'd be but seeing how well the Online TCG Discord took off, I thought it might be worth a shot having a dedicated one!

Please note that this is a Discord separate from the general Online TCG Discord that was linked in our sidebar up until today (which you can still join by clicking the previous link!) so while anyone is free to still keep using that one for whatever (even Sakura stuff if you'd like!), just know that I'll be posting most announcements, updates, etc. regarding the TCG on our personal server instead so we encourage you to join both!


This is super sudden and last minute (I literally just found out about it yesterday lol), but I'll be going out of town this weekend! I'll still be around on Friday earlier in the day and on Sunday when I come home later in the day/evening but the earliest I can see myself doing or replying to anything is Monday because I'll be completely busy on Saturday.

As I'll also be on limited data since it's a travel pass and whatever wifi I can find, please don't expect any replies (or anything really lmao) until after the weekend! I may be able to reply to quick/short questions and stuff like that if I find time and internet but no promises, either! I'm sure you guys can survive a few days without me anyways so this entire warning is probably useless. LOL But just in case!! Please be aware I have an actual reason for no/slow response time!!

All that aside though, that's it for this update! The next one will be on July 25th with Aqua!

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