I almost forgot it was May...

( May 01, 2017 )
Sorry about that! Good thing I remembered that it was still the 1st though so I'm not late yet (and luckily, monthly updates are much easier and quicker to do than weekly updates as long as there are no events or other special things going on)!! I think today's update will be fairly short too so let's just jump right into it, shall we?


The Deck Claims spreadsheet has been cleared of any decks that were claimed in April but were not donated on time (unless you were given an extension, of course) so this month's Deck Claims thread is now open!

The Monthly set of games has also been updated so those are free to be played as well! Players born in May can also now start picking up their birthday present and apply for a Birthday Achievement Badge over on the forums. If you don't apply for this before the month is over, you'll have to wait until next year to claim your badge so don't forget to do it ASAP!


Who will be this month's spotlight member?

Congratulations, yasu! Please pick up your reward from the sidebar or on the Sakura Spotlight game page itself, and PM me on the forums with your choice of 2 decks that you want to be released (and made, if necessary) during the month!


There's only one today, and it's for the new month so go ahead and grab that as long as you joined before today!

Event Achievements: ev-201705


As of this post going up, Trade Meters will require 25 trades to be completed again, as usual! Hopefully you guys made use of yasu's wish from last month and took advantage of being able to complete Trade Meters quicker so you could turn in more for more rewards!


And honestly, that's it? There's nothing else that I can think of that needs reporting or whatever so enjoy the short updates while you can because I'm sure I'll be back with the usual long updates!!

Aqua will see you guys on May 3rd for the regular weekly update so I'll see you guys again the week after. Happy May!!

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