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( June 07, 2017 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Adelicya (Level 10); Rizu (Level 9, Level 10); Tanna (Level 3)

Wishing Tree

Hotaru"I wish for choice cards spelling CHERRY BLOSSOMS bc the trees are blooming all over <3" No more than 2 per deck!

Phynix"Cherry Blossoms have finally starter to bloom on my tree in my backyard (yay for Canada) Can everyone have 5 lovely petals, and one flower?" So everyone can take 5 sakura petals and 1 sakura flower!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


I posted this in the Deck Claims thread recently when I was approving claims but in case anyone overlooked or missed this post, I’m re-reminding you guys here, and that is to please list your claims in alphabetical order by series name! I’d also prefer that if you’re claiming multiple characters from the same series that their names are also listed in alphabetical order but that’s not as important as having the series name in alphabetical order, although both are technically required as this “rule” has been included in the first post of every month’s Deck Claims thread. So please just save me some time and help me update the spreadsheet quicker by listing your claims in alphabetical order!

There is now a new thread on the forum called Game Help where–you guessed it–ask for help with games! As long as you’re not giving away the exact answer and are only giving out hints to help others find the correct answer, you’re good.

I also (started) updating a lot of threads on the forum because of formatting issues, and just editing/adding some information to threads like the Masteries Information so do give everything a quick look to see if it’s been updated yet! If it hasn’t, keep checking back as I won’t be making an announcement for every single thing I update.


We will definitely be going ahead with doing a team battle event, and it'll most likely be during the summer from the start of July to the end of August (or maybe even through September as well)! I'm still working on the details with Aqua though so the event information won't be up anytime soon but I hope to have it done before the end of the month so sign ups can start and be taken care of in time.

Other than that, Sakura's anniversary is coming up in August! The eventual team battle event is kind of part of the festivities for that since it'll still be ongoing through it but I plan to have a few other things to celebrate with too so... look forward to that and hopefully I can deliver what I'm thinking of doing!

Aqua will see you guys next week on June 14th for the next update~

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