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( May. 09, 2018 )
New Members: Lyn – Welcome!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Lost and Found: Added 1795 cards! (Member ID update is in the works!)


Jessica"I wish we could take 1 choice coupon from each category (regular, special, rare)." Sure! Take a look at the Coupons information page and pick one (1) coupon from each section (Regular, Special/Limited Edition, and Rare) for three (3) coupons total.

Remember that for some of the rare coupons, each player can only ever have 1 of the +1 Permanent Box Set Slot and Custom Level Badge for "Legend" Rank coupons in their possession (or if you've used a Legend Rank coupon already then you cannot get and use another one). Similarly, players can only have/have had 2 of the +1 Hanami Deck coupons since the maximum number of Hanami Decks a player can have is three!

Nyla"I wish for everyone to take 6 pink cards." No more than 3 per deck and any shade of pink is fine! Red does not count however so if the deck you want to take from is toeing the line between red and pink and it does not have an official colour listed on its deck page yet then I'd avoid it for now OR send me (Cassidy) a message to verify its colour.


You may take a total of 20 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
If using the Double Release Pulls coupon, you may take a total of 40 cards but no more than 3 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.

If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Donators can take the card(s) they donated from the deck.
If your donation is the master badge, you can take any card from the deck as your donation.
The deckmaker can take 1 extra card from the deck they made.

If you want to take cards from this deck that weren't your donation, they will be included in the 20 (or 40, if using the "Double Release Pulls" coupon) cards you can take from this update's deck release freebies.


As you may have noticed in this update, we had to release more than one deck from the same series (in this case it was Uta no Prince-sama)! This is because with the specific votes we got in addition to use trying to prioritize releasing decks that were donated long ago (and are thus considered “older” decks in this context) as well as decks that players need for their Box Sets, it’s difficult to follow our general rule of only releasing 1 deck per series in updates.

With that being said, if you ever see us release more than one deck from the same series, it was likely due to one of the above reasons or a mix of them and is most likely not an error!

We do apologize in advance though for those of you who don’t particularly care for these certain series/genre that we have a lot of upcoming decks from and who may think this TCG is overrun with them. ;; We’ll do our best to continue making deck releases varied despite this however so we’d appreciate your understanding!


I think that's it! The next update will be on May 16th with Aqua!!

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Shiranna on May 09, 2018 (10:47 pm)
Wishing Tree (Jessica): customforumrank, additionalboxset, additionalboxsetfreebie

Wishing Tree (Nyla): madokakaname12, madokakaname17, madokakaname18, shiemimoriyama01, shiemimoriyama02, shiemimoriyama03

Release Pulls (character skill: with): axel03, axel04, axel05, axel20, taichimashima06, taichimashima07, taichimashima10, taichimashima11, syokurusu03, syokurusu04, syokurusu17, syokurusu20, nightdream04, nightdream09, shirotsuki06, shirotsuki07, stylishparasols01, stylishparasols02, stylishparasols06, stylishparasols07

Character Skill (kuranosukeshiraishi): taichimashima14, taichimashima15

Donated: taichimashima08, syokurusu01

Jun on May 09, 2018 (11:35 pm)
Update: axel18, axel19, maimishou06, maimishou07, redxiii06, redxiii07, meganes17, meganes18, zoroark12, zoroark13, syokurusu16, syokurusu17,

Donated/Made: hiroominase04, lorancehack10, lorancehack11, maimishou10, maimishou11, meiko15, redxiii10, redxiii11, yui19, papika17, shizukamarikawa20, zoroark16

Character Skill (Serena): redxiii09, redxiii12

Character Skill (Ema Bessho): redxiii14, redxiii15, meganes19, meganes20, zoroark14, zoroark15, syokurusu18, syokurusu19

Wishes: aerithgainsborough07, aerithgainsborough08, aerithgainsborough10, lightning01, lightning02, lightning03, donatespecialdeck, 2deckdonations, instantmastery

Kupo on May 10, 2018 (02:32 pm)
- New Decks (Character Skill ✦ Futaba Yoshioka): axel03, axel04, axel17, axel20, redxiii01, redxiii02, redxiii03, redxiii04, syokurusu01, syokurusu02, syokurusu03, syokurusu04, zoroark05, zoroark12, zoroark16, zoroark20, meganes01, meganes14, meganes15, meganes16 (+donated - meganes04, meganes13, yui19)
- Character Skill (Tohru): syokurusu05, syokurusu06
- Extra Release Pulls Coupon (04/04 uses): syokurusu07, syokurusu08, syokurusu09, syokurusu10
- Wishing Tree (Jessica): choicecard coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon, extrareleasepulls coupon
- Wishing Tree (Nyla): dressup09, dressup11, dressup12, fairytypes101, fairytypes102, fairytypes103

Thank you!

Amber on May 11, 2018 (10:08 am)
- New Decks (Character Skill ~ Ranmaru Kurosaki ~ +2 release pull upgrade): stylishparasols11, stylishparasols12, stylishparasols13, stylishparasols14, syokurusu14, syokurusu15, syokurusu16, syokurusu17, nightdream06, nightdream07, nightdream08, nightdream09, idolsinwonderland16, idolsinwonderland17, idolsinwonderland18, idolsinwonderland19, zoroark09, zoroark10, zoroark11, zoroark12 (20/20)
- Deck Donation (stylishparasols): stylishparasols15
- Collaboration 027 Donation (meganes): meganes02
- Wish (Jessica ~ 1 regular, 1 special, 1 rare coupon): choicecard coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon, doublereleasepulls coupon
- Wish (Nyla ~ 6 pink cards): akarimizunashi05, akarimizunashi14, akarimizunashi16, akiraeferrari02, akiraeferrari03, akiraeferrari06
- Twitter Freebies (SHUWARIN DREAMING): flowercrownssp02, fuuhououji02, fuuhououji04, flowercrownssp04, reinerbraun02, flowercrownssp05, fuuhououji06, flowercrownssp07, darktypes103, flowercrownssp08, flowercrownssp10, darktypes104, chrom09, fuuhououji09, flowercrownssp11

Amber on May 11, 2018 (10:13 am)
woops sorry and I forgot:

- Character Skill (Crusch Karsten ~ +2 deck pulls): stylishparasols16, stylishparasols17,
- Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice): flowercrownssp13

thank you!

Mio on May 11, 2018 (01:50 pm)
Wishing Tree - Jessica - 1 choice coupon from each category (regular, special, rare): choicecard coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon, doublereleasepulls coupon
Wishing Tree - Nyla - 6 pink cards: nicoyazawa04, nicoyazawa05, nicoyazawa07, shinsato10, shinsato11, shinsato12
Character Skill (Koga Oogami): ranmarukurosaki20
Character Skill (M21): meganes01, meganes02
Donation Pulls: zoroark01
Collaboration Deck Release: meganes03, meganes11
Deck Release: meganes05, meganes06, meganes07, meganes08, zoroark02, zoroark03, zoroark04, zoroark05, zoroark06, papika01, papika02, papika03, papika04, papika05, syokurusu11, syokurusu12, syokurusu13, syokurusu14, syokurusu15, mindbreaker112, aikotakamori01, aikotakamori02, aikotakamori03, aikotakamori04, aikotakamori05, redxiii05, redxiii08, redxiii13, redxiii16, redxiii20, mindbreaker111, mindbreaker112, mindbreaker113, mindbreaker114 (-doublereleasepulls coupon)
Deck Release (-extrareleasepulls coupon): meganes09, meganes10, meganes11, meganes12

Nyla on May 11, 2018 (02:17 pm)
New Decks (05/09/2018): stylishparasols01, stylishparasols02, redxiii01, redxiii02, axel01, axel02, aikotakamori01, aikotakamori02, idolsinwonderland01, idolsinwonderland02, mindbreaker101, mindbreaker102, meganes14, meganes16
Character Skill (Rinoa Heartilly): stylishparasols03, stylishparasols04, redxiii03, redxiii04, axel03, axel04
Character Skill (Seifer Almasy): redxiii05, redxiii06
Wish (Jessica): choicecard coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon, extrareleasepulls coupon
Wish (Nyla): serahfarron02, serahfarron03, serahfarron06, sylveon12, sylveon09, sylveon08

Lee on May 11, 2018 (04:49 pm)
New Decks: aikotakamori01, aikotakamori02, lorancehack01, lorancehack02, mindbreaker101, mindbreaker102, mumeiarcher01, mumeiarcher02, papika01, papika02, redxiii01, redxiii02, syokurusu01, syokurusu02, taichimashima01, taichimashima02, zoroark01, zoroark02, meganes01, meganes02, meganes09 (donated)

Character Skill (Eijirou Kirishima): taichimashima03, taichimashima04

choicecard, deckmasteryrewards, doublereleasepulls

Pink Cards: taichimashima05, taichimashima06, taichimashima07, fairytypes103, fairytypes104, fairytypes105

Lee on May 11, 2018 (04:51 pm)
Trading fairytypes105 for fairytypes16, sorry!

Lee on May 11, 2018 (05:12 pm)
SHUWARIN DREAMING: atsukokagari13, makomankanshoku05, atsukokagari14, wiz03, makotoniijima15, atsukokagari15, makotoniijima17, makotoniijima18, gudako03, atsukokagari16, saberfsn11, makotoniijima19, makotoniijima20, atsukokagari17, saberfsn12, atsukokagari18

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