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( Feb. 07, 2018 )
New Members: Nikita – Welcome!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set A, Upcoming Vote, Valentine's Set
Level Ups: Noelle (Level 5); Phynix (Level 4)


Samu"I wish for everyone to recieve 2 limited edition coupons on the house!" Sure pick whichever two you want, and they can be the same one!
Whitney"I wish for choice cards spelling out HAPPY! Thank you! :)" No restrictions!


You may take a total worth of 16 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Registration for the Secret Valentine exchange will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM EST! If you’re not sure when that is, use the brand new clock on our sidebar as reference since it’s set to the timezone that all deadlines, etc. in the TCG will use/are using. Please head on over to the sign ups thread if you’re interested in participating!!

At that same time, the Present Pick Up thread for the Advent Calendar’s Day 24 gift will also close to please make sure you grab that before then!


Like mentioned above, a clock has been added to the sidebar right below the existing calendar that will show you the current date and time in the timezone that the TCG runs on! The sidebar has also been slightly edited and re-ordered but nothing major has changed.

A few decks are also being retired today! We apologize for the suddenness of this announcement but it was only recently brought to our attention that the Saint Seiya special decks we had—namely deities, fallensaints, saints—were images from an unofficial fan-made doujin/art book. Neither the original donator nor us admins had known or realized though, which is why this is only being addressed now!

However, as we don’t allow the use of fan art or fan-made edits/graphics/etc. to be used either in decks or custom graphics without proof of consent from the artist, we’ve decided to retire these decks from the TCG (but they will remain viewable on the series page for Saint Seiya) so they can no longer be collected or mastered, nor will they be obtainable from rewards, choice cards, etc. Please let us know if you find that cards from these decks still show up in rewards, etc. though!

If any of you have any single cards from these decks, feel free to keep them or if you don’t want them then we will allow players to swap swap them in at the Doubles Exchange (or even the Card Exchange) instead. For those of you who have mastered any of the decks already, you will still be able to keep those masteries and the rewards you got from them!

The Biweekly Set A games haven't been updated with rewards for the event, so please wait until they are to play them! Biweekly Set A games are now updated!!


The next update will be on February 14th with Cassidy!

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Ellie on February 07, 2018 (01:40 pm)
New Decks (7th Feb 2018): galaxyhideandseek12, galaxyhideandseek17, momijisohma09, momijisohma20 (4/16)
Wishing Tree (Samu - 2 LE coupons): weeklygamerewards, additionalboxset
Wishing Tree (Whitney - HAPPY): emahinata01, amimizuno08, ashspikachu04, ashspikachu18, tomoyodaidouji18

Thank you!

Muffy on February 07, 2018 (03:31 pm)
Thank you for the update!

- New Decks: galaxyhideandseek06, sakamoto08, seijuurouakashi13, makotoyuukip303, jyushimatsumatsuno16, seijuroumikoshiba13, gonfreecs13, momijisohma02, keigoatobe02, shirouemiya09, leofef09, yuugimutou09, eleanorhume09, grimmjowjaegerjaquez09, kouryuu09, lostgirls09, mmjowjaegerjaquez14
- Wishing Tree (Whitney - HAPPY): hikarikohinata01, futabaooki08, spring11, karupin17, yona13
- Wishing Tree (Samu - 2 LE Coupon): weeklygamerewards, deckrequest

Amber on February 07, 2018 (05:20 pm)
- New Decks (Character Skill ~ Annie Leonhart ~ +2 release pull upgrade): gonfreecs03, gonfreecs04, shirouemiya03, shirouemiya04, grimmjowjaegerjaquez08, grimmjowjaegerjaquez09, kouryuu05, kouryuu06, makotoyuukip305, makotoyuukip306, makotoyuukip307, makotoyuukip308, lostgirls10, lostgirls11, lostgirls12, lostgirls13 (16/16)
- Character Skill (Crusch Karsten ~ +2 deck pulls): galaxyhideandseek11, galaxyhideandseek12
- Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice ): makotoyuukip309
- Wish (Samu ~ 2 limited edition coupons): deckmasteryrewards, deckmasteryrewards
- Wish (Whitney ~ HAPPY): hotpot12, makotoyuukip304, makotoyuukip310, makotoyuukip311, makotoyuukip312

Thank you!

Jun on February 07, 2018 (05:21 pm)
Update: yuugimutou06, yuugimutou07, yuugimutou10, yuugimutou11, galaxyhideandseek06, galaxyhideandseek10, kouryuu12, kouryuu13, shirouemiya05, shirouemiya08, gonfreecs06, gonfreecs07, gonfreecs10, leofef11, leofef09, leofef12, leofef19,
Character Skill (Ema Bessho): yuugimutou05, yuugimutou08, gonfreecs17, gonfreecs20
Character Skill (Serena): yuugimutou14, yuugimutou15
HAPPY: ashspikachu14, kyousukekamijou12, ashspikachu18, ashspikachu20, dragon-type15
Wishes: +2 Deck Donations, Double Deck Mastery Rewards

Thank you :)

Jun on February 07, 2018 (05:37 pm)
Scratch leofef12 and leofef19. Those are shirouemiya01 and shirouemiya02 now. Sorry!

Kupo on February 07, 2018 (10:30 pm)
- New Decks: grimmjowjaegerjaquez01, grimmjowjaegerjaquez02, kouryuu07, kouryuu08, makotoyuukip314, makotoyuukip315 (+ donated: grimmjowjaegerjaquez03)
- Character Skill (Futaba Yoshioka): grimmjowjaegerjaquez04, grimmjowjaegerjaquez05, kouryuu09
- Character Skill (Tohru): grimmjowjaegerjaquez06, grimmjowjaegerjaquez07
- Wishing Tree (HAPPY): tohru03, kannakamui16, sophiehatter01, sophiehatter05, touyakinomoto20
- Wishing Tree (2 LE Coupons): deckmasteryrewards coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon

Should be 09/16 pulled so far for this release! I'll be back! :)

Whitney on February 08, 2018 (03:59 pm)
New Decks - using Character Skill (Sakura Kinomoto): eleanorhume05, eleanorhume06, eleanorhume07, eleanorhume08, keigoatobe01, keigoatobe02, keigoatobe03, keigoatobe04 (8/16)
Character Skill (Eiji Kikumaru): keigoatobe05, keigoatobe08
Wishing Tree (Samu): biweeklygamerewards, deckmasteryrewards
Wishing Tree (Whitney): (happy) moonlightkiss05, paintedglass03, paintedglass04, paintedglass05, yamatokurosawa20

Thank you! :) And thanks for granting my wish! :)

Noelle on February 08, 2018 (11:18 pm)
New Decks (2/09) + Character Skill (Uzuki Shimamura - Cards per deck limit upgrade) + Character Skill (Chihaya Kisaragi - +2 new release slots): eleanorhume01, eleanorhume02, eleanorhume03, eleanorhume04, keigoatobe09, keigoatobe12, keigoatobe13, keigoatobe16, makotoyuukip306, makotoyuukip307, makotoyuukip310, makotoyuukip311 (12/18)
- Wishing Tree (HAPPY): takaneshijou08, fumikasagisawa10, sophie01, sophie02, naokamiya01
- Wishing Tree (2 limited edition coupons): weeklygamerewards, biweeklygamerewards

I'll be back for the rest of my pulls later! Thank you!

Jesh on February 09, 2018 (02:13 am)
New Decks (02/09): yuugimutou01, yuugimutou02

Wishing Tree (HAPPY)

Wishing Tree (2 limited edition coupons) Double Weekly Game Rewards , Double Deck Mastery Rewards

All my others are up for grabs on the forums

Jesh on February 09, 2018 (02:30 am)
Wishing Tree (HAPPY) yuukoichihara01, calcifer07,sophiehatter01,separatesouls01 ,yuugimutou04

oops, submitted too early.

Also taking the Twitter 2018 freebie YEAR OF THE DOG (2018 twitter freebie): yuugimutou03, calcifer01, calcifer03, calcifer04, yuugimutou05, calcifer06, yuugimutou06, yuukoichihara02, twinlace01, duomaxwell01, insweetrepose01,magus01

As for something I want to do more? Keep getting good grades in my master's degree program.

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