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( Nov. 08, 2017 )
Referrals: Dialny (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Kupo (Level 3); Nyaasu (Level 2)

Wishing Tree

Kearin"I wish for 3 choice cards that have warm colored borders!" Warm colours are typically "red through yellow, browns and tans included" (source) so you can only take from decks that have one of those colours as its deck border! No other restrictions or limits, though~

Cami / Anna"2 rare or limited edition coupons of choice for everyone!" You can only take a total of 2 coupons altogether but they can be a mix of either type, and there’s no other limits (ie. you can take 2 of the same coupon)!

And because it was my birthday this past Sunday, everyone can also take choice card spelling out BIRTHDAY along with 2 choice cards each containing a “1” in the filename somewhere, 1 choice card containing a “0”, and 1 choice card containing a “5” (ie. both makinishikino01 and makinishikino15 would be allowed for the “1” choice cards or the “0” and “5” choice cards)! Don't forget to comment with what you take and log as "Cassidy's Birthday Freebies" as well, please!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 16 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Event Deck Card Redeeming and Event Deck Masteries are now CLOSED (or will be closed soon, in the case of Event Deck Masteries)!

Once the Event Deck Masteries thread is closed, masteries of the halloween2017 deck MUST be turned in at your own mastery thread and you will now only get the regular mastery reward for it (unless you have a Character Skill or coupon that affects it). Custom master badges for this deck will also only be allowed if it is a re-mastery or again, you have a Character Skill that allows you a custom badge without needing to re-master it!

Also once that thread is closed, the event deck will be added to the regular randomizer to be earned from anywhere in the TCG like any other deck! The deck page for halloween2017 will also be available then and it should be up-to-date with a list of everyone who mastered the deck so far (and has been rewarded for it; if you haven’t been rewarded for a mastery yet, you’ll be added after you have) but if you see anything incorrect, your name is missing, etc. please report it in the Error Reporting (Profiles & Related) thread.

I also forgot to remove the halloween2017 cards from the weekly game rewards last week so they’ve been removed as of this update but I hope you guys enjoyed having an extra week of that! Please let me know if any of the weekly games still have cards from the event deck left, though. ;;

Lastly, after some deliberation, I decided that if you were a house owner and didn’t finish passing out treats to those who visited then you can go ahead and do so even though it’s way past the deadline! I meant to just do this myself but I kept forgetting and people were posting anyways so I’m just going to give you guys the ~official~ go ahead to do it yourself if you’d like. Just know that they can't be turned in for cards from the event deck anymore!

(And in case it wasn't clear, this only applies to handing out treats so no more posting for a treat or a trick, or to complete a trick! You’ll get a treat regardless of if you actually finished your trick or not, or if you asked for a trick but never got one. Feel free to keep using the threads to continue conversations or things like that, though!)


Our Twitter now has moments for active and expired freebies that are posted over there! Hopefully this’ll make finding those freebies tweets easier, and so you know which ones you can still take from or not.

And since we're on this topic, this is just a reminder in case anyone forgot and/or wasn’t aware but you do not need to have a Twitter account to claim freebies that are posted on the Twitter! If you don’t have an account (or just rather not use Twitter to reply for whatever reason) then just comment on whatever the most recent update on this site is at the time of you taking the freebies with what you’re taking, the date that the Twitter freebie was originally posted on, and anything else that the tweet was asking for (like your favourite emoji as the most recent freebie tweet asked for).


And that's it for this week! I am squeezing this update in literally half an hour before midnight and it turns over to the 9th so I'm just going to zoom off now... Aqua will see you guys for the next update on November 15th unless she isn't back from Disney by then, in which case it'll be either me or yasu!

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Jun on November 08, 2017 (10:50 pm)
zoom zoom zoom

Update: katsuyajounouchi17, katsuyajounouchi18, katsuyajounouchi19, mikihoshii01, mikihoshii02, shinyakougami05, princesspeach17, princesspeach18, princesspeach19, maikujaku02, maikujaku09, maikujaku19, bulma13, bulma19, bulma20, ayane17, haunteddarkbridal12, haunteddarkbridal18, nunnallylamperouge09, yuurikatsuki05, yuurikatsuki18, junyasasaki09, satsukimomoi13, satsukimomoi18

Character Skill (Serena): katsuyajounouchi20, katsuyajounouchi16

Wishing Well: katsuyajounouchi13, katsuyajounouchi14, katsuyajounouchi15, Double Mastery Reward Coupon, Double Mastery Reward Coupon
Cassidy's Birthday Freebies: butterflies18, katsuyajounouchi01, butterflies01, katsuyajounouchi02, katsuyajounouchi03, adonisotogari15, katsuyajounouchi04, katsuyajounouchi07, katsuyajounouchi11, katsuyajounouchi12, katsuyajounouchi06, katsuyajounouchi05
(reread like 9 times, didn't see restrictions, so hope this is k)

Happy Belated birthday Cass ><

Jun on November 08, 2017 (10:53 pm)
actually make one of those coupons Additional Box Set >< Sorry! Thought about it, and darnit I have so many boxset wants and needs!

Shiranna on November 09, 2017 (02:20 am)
Release Pulls: satsukimomoi01, satsukimomoi02, nunnallylamperouge04, nunnallylamperouge08, akihitotakaba02, akihitotakaba20, shinku09, shinku13, yuurikatsuki05, yuurikatsuki18, junyasasaki02, junyasasaki18, mikihoshii08, mikihoshii09, princesspeach08, princesspeach13

Character Skill (kuranosukeshiraishi): satsukimomoi13, satsukimomoi17

Wishing Tree (kearin): otoyaittoki01, otoyaittoki08, otoyaittoki16

Wishing Tree (Cami/Anna): deckrequest, deckrequest

Cassidy's Birthday Freebies: marcobodt13, hajimehinata08, darkmousy09, marcobodt16, hajimehinata12, marcobodt17, marcobodt18, darkmousy18, marcobodt10, marcobodt11, marcobodt15, marcobodt07

erin on November 09, 2017 (02:23 am)
kearin (3 warm cards): yuzurihanekoi09, yuzurihanekoi11, yuzurihanekoi12

cami/anna (2 rare/limited coupons): instantmastery coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon

cassidy's birthday freebie (birthday, 11/05): bloodbound03, aishaclanclan03, yuzurihanekoi13, shoppingtogether01, yuzurihanekoi17, bloodbound01, aishaclanclan16, yuzurihanekoi18, aishaclanclan12, aishaclanclan13, yuzurihanekoi20, aquarium15

twitter oct 31 (halloween; chilled out): aishaclanclan20, aquarium07, yuriplisetsky06, yuriplisetsky07, onsen01, phoenixwright07, onsen02, onsen03, yuzurihanekoi19

twitter nov 5 (poop emoji): 2 choicecard coupons

thank you!

Shiranna on November 09, 2017 (02:25 am)
welp, I strike again.

otoyaittoki01 -> otoyaittoki02

Nea on November 09, 2017 (05:09 am)
Wishing Tree (Kearin): eevee01, eevee04, eevee05
Wishing Tree (Cami/Anna): deckrequest, deckrequest

Cassidy's Birthday Freebies: keroberos17, arminarlert11, erenjaeger14, arminarlert07, lightning14, marcobodt06, erenjaeger10, ikutotsukiyomi03 + erenjaeger18, erenjaeger19, erenjaeger02, erenjaeger15

twitter freebie (11/05): 2 choicecard coupons for all the emojis with positive hearts on them ;w;

Release pulls: mikihoshii19, mikihoshii20, princesspeach04, princesspeach20, shinku01, shinku04, haunteddarkbridal13, haunteddarkbridal14, ayane02, ayane19, bulma02, bulma03, satsukimomoi03, satsukimomoi16, nunnallylamperouge13, nunnallylamperouge16
Character Skill (nicoyazawa): mikihoshii04, mikihoshii13

Rosenel on November 09, 2017 (07:12 am)
Twitter Freebies:

H: ghosttypes106
A: freya08
L flareon08
L: jolteon03
O: mahou02
E: freya09
E: leafeon17
N: orange13

2 choicecard coupons, 2 halloween2017choicecard coupons (hisoriareiss03, rainbowpearls08, halloween201711, halloween201715)

Wishing Tree

Kearin - 3 choice cards in warm colors (magus04, tsukumogami108, deities07)

Cami / Anna - "2 rare or limited edition coupons of choice for everyone!" (additionalboxset, personalplayerachievement)

Cassidy's Birthday FREEBIES - choice cards spelling BIRTHDAY along with 2 choice cards each containing a “1”, 1 choice card containing a “0”, and 1 choice card containing a “5”

B: estherblanchette03
I: kaorimiyazono20
R: akirakurusu09
T: trunks18
H: halloweencostumes09
D: dressup03
A: mimitachikawa09
Y: ikutotsukiyomi09"
1: ghosttypes111
1: freya10
0: dressup04
5: dressup15

New Decks: shinku16, shinku17, bulma16, bulma17, maikujaku12, maikujaku29, yuurikatsuki13, yuurikatsuki06 (8 left)

Joey on November 09, 2017 (08:29 am)
Oh boy, cards!!
Wishing Tree: honokakousaka05, honokakousaka15, honokakousaka19, deckrequest coupon, personalplayerachievement coupon
Cassidy's Birthday Freebies: euphemialibritannia09, kimihirowatanuki09, kimihirowatanuki11, kimihirowatanuki12, kimihirowatanuki14, goldstars02, kimihirowatanuki16, rengemiyauchi01, kimihirowatanuki18, kimihirowatanuki19, kimihirowatanuki08, kimihirowatanuki15
New Decks: bulma12, junyasasaki03, princesspeach04, machiasregnitz14, shinku14, yuurikatsuki01, haunteddarkbridal19, halloween201709, aoisuminomiya15, mikihoshii12, katsuyajounouchi12, ayane12, satsukimomoi12, maikujaku12, nunnallylamperouge12, shinyakougami12

Thaaank you~!

Cassidy on November 09, 2017 (12:56 pm) (Edited: Nov. 09, 2017)
(commented on twitter as well)

Twitter Freebie (August 2): peacefulpicnic03, yuurikatsuki19, jeankirstein01, puddingfong02, vaporeon02, espeon02
Twitter Freebie (August 17): jeankirstein03, jeankirstein08, jeankirstein12, jeankirstein15, puddingfong03
Twitter Freebie (October 31): erwinsmith04, jeankirstein16, flareon05, flareon06, vaporeon03, erwinsmith05, jeankirstein19, vaporeon05, vaporeon06
Twitter Freebie (November 5): choicecard coupon, choicecard coupon

New Decks: shinku01, shinku02, nunnallylamperouge01, nunnallylamperouge02, princesspeach01, princesspeach02, maikujaku01, maikujaku10, katsuyajonouichi08, katsuyajonouichi09, yuurikatsuki01, yuurikatsuki02, bulma12, bulma14, ayane09, ayane17
Spotlight Bonus: yuurikatsuki04, yuurikatsuki06, yuurikatsuki07, yuurikatsuki08
Character Skill (Yuri Plisetsky): yuurikatsuki09
Wishing Tree (Kearin): historiareiss17, historiareiss18, historiareiss19
Wishing Tree (Cami/Anna): additionalhanamideck, instantmastery

Cassidy's Birthday Freebies: umbreon01, yuurikatsuki12, yuurikatsuki13, yuurikatsuki14, erwinsmith03, puddingfong01, yuurikatsuki16, yuurikatsuki17, yuurikatsuki10, yuurikatsuki11, yuurikatsuki20, yuurikatsuki15

// NOTE FROM CASSIDY: This was originally Anna's comment, I just edited it to replace the additionalboxsetfreebie coupon that was taken initially with the instantmastery coupon that it was exchanged for via forum PM on 12/25!

Rosenel on November 09, 2017 (04:53 pm)
Correction: maikujaku09

New Decks: katsuyajounichi09, katsuyajounichi10 (8 left)

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