( Sep. 06, 2017 )
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Wishing Tree

Anna/Becca/Haylee"choice cards spelling out SEPTEMBER" No restrictions!

Amber/Hotaru"choice cards spelling out SAPPHIRE" Also no restrictions!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Threads for the new achievement badges announced last month were put up! Also a thread for choice card coupon exchanges is up now too. Shops that used sunflowers are back to their normal pricing.


Was going to not be here because I was going to Disney for my birthday on Saturday but scary hurricane time happened so! Next update will be on September 13th with Cassidy~

42  ( + )

Kayori on September 06, 2017 (01:13 pm)
Updates: amnesiamemories18, asunayuuki02, freya01, freya02, insweetrepose01, insweetrepose02, lilyshirogane15, mariacadenzavnaeve04, noiz09, serasvictoria01, serasvictoria02, takumialdini01

New Decks: amnesiamemories18, asunayuuki02, freya01, freya02, insweetrepose01, insweetrepose02, lilyshirogane15, mariacadenzavnaeve04, noiz09, serasvictoria01, serasvictoria02, takumialdini01

Wishing Tree:
S: cvtakahirosakurai06
E: glitterbutterflies07
P: espeon06
T: cvtakahirosakurai07
E: glitterbutterflies09
M: gamushararomantic09
B: bloodbound08
E: glitterbutterflies12
R: cvtakahirosakurai08

S: gamushararomantic10
A: cvtakahirosakurai12
P: shippo03
P: shippo05
H: cvtakahirosakurai13
I: cvtakahirosakurai14
R: gamushararomantic12
E: reijisakamaki04
Thank you! Happy birthday Aqua! Hope it got better. :)

freya and insweetrepose links are not working.

Shiranna on September 06, 2017 (01:32 pm)
Release Pulls: cousins09, cousins17, akosaotome05, akosaotome17, freya11, aigonorus16, louis16, kannakamui13, amnesiamemories02, mikumoguynemer13, asunayuuki16 insweetrepose16

Wishing Tree (Anna/Becca/Haylee): jeankirstein06, jeankirstein07 piratesofthefrontier02, jeankirstein10, jeankirstein14, hanayokoizumi07, marcobodt03, jeankirstein14, kuranosukeshiraishi15

Wishing Tree (Amber/Hotaru): kuranosukeshiraishi01, kuranosukeshiraishi02, piratesofthefrontier01, piratesofthefrontier04, kuranosukeshiraishi03, kuranosukeshiraishi04, kuranosukeshiraishi12, kuranosukeshiraishi13

Shiranna on September 06, 2017 (01:38 pm)
Correction: one of those jeankirstein14 choice cards was supposed to be jeankirstein15. Sorry~

Shiranna on September 06, 2017 (01:40 pm)
... and kuranosukeshiraishi04 = 05. I really need to learn to check my typos.

Shiranna on September 06, 2017 (01:58 pm)
I swear this is my last edit, but piratesofthefrontier04 -> 05, marcobodt03 -> 04. I promise to be more careful next time u_u I blame this on being a bit sick right now.

idil on September 06, 2017 (02:06 pm)
Wishing Well (SEPTEMBER): shikiichinose20, fumikasagisawa08, fumikasagisawa12, fumikasagisawa15, fumikasagisawa18, azusakinose09, azusakinose13, azusakinose14, azusakinose15

Wishing Well (SAPPHIRE): azusakinose17, azusakinose18, azusakinose19, suzuyatohzuki05, suzuyatohzuki06, suzuyatohzuki10, suzuyatohzuki12, suzuyatohzuki14

Deck Release: aigonorus08, aigonorus09, akosaotome05, akosaotome13, asunayuuki05, asunayuuki08, freya03, freya04, kannakamui08, kannakamui13, mikumoguynemer01, mikumoguynemer02

Character Skill (azusamiura): julymermaids10

thank you!

Nea on September 06, 2017 (03:13 pm)
Wishing Tree (SEPTEMBER): historiareiss03, historiareiss04, imperialroses19, historiareiss05, historiareiss09, hotarutomoe12, lightmusicclub13, historiareiss12, historiareiss13

Wishing Tree (SAPPHIRE): historiareiss16, hotarutomoe06, imperialroses07, imperialroses09, hotarutomoe11, lightmusicclub19, historiareiss17, hotarutomoe14

Release pulls: cousins02, cousins11, akosaotome16, akosaotome18, amnesiamemories13, amnesiamemories18, freya19, freya03, aigonorus01, noiz15, insweetrepose05, kannakamui20

Nea on September 06, 2017 (03:15 pm)
+ Character Skill (nicoyazawa): cousins13, cousins19

Sana on September 06, 2017 (05:08 pm)
- New Decks: louis02, louis03, kannakamui05, kannakamui08
Thank you!

Amber on September 06, 2017 (06:16 pm)
no restrictions you say....

- Deck Pulls: mikumoguyner05, mikumoguyner06, kannakamui01, kannakamui02, serasvictoria05, serasvictoria06, noiz01, amnesiamemories01, freya06, freya07, louis06, louis07 (12/12)
- Deck Donation (serasvictoria): serasvictoria02
- Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice ): serasvictoria01
- Character Skill (Crusch Karsten ~ +2 deck pulls): serasvictoria03, serasvictoria04
- Wishes (Anna/Becca/Haylee ~ SEPTEMBER): summer01, phoenixwright01, phoenixwright02, phoenixwright03, phoenixwright04, leviackerman12, marcobodt02, summer11, summer12
- Wishes (Amber/Hotaru ~ SAPPHIRE): summer13, valentines01, phoenixwright05, phoenixwright06, phoenixwright07, leviackerman15, summer14, summer15

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