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( Aug. 09, 2017 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set A, Upcoming Vote
Level Ups: Ilmariel (Level 2); Rosenel (Level 6)

Wishing Tree

Haylee/Jessica/Lee/Mio"choice cards spelling out ANNIVERSARY" No more than 2 per deck!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 24 cards but no more than 4 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Event Updates

  • This week’s announcement for the 1 year anniversary event has been added to the event’s announcement summary page!
  • (Cassidy) I forgot to do the mid-event update for the sports festival last week and forgot about it again until just now but I’ll also get that up asap, hopefully during this week!


There’s only 2 spots left in the current collaboration round before the second week of donations starts on the 13th so if we manage to finish it before then (or even into the second week) we can start a second collaboration round for the month!

Some other things:


The next update will be on August 16th with Cassidy~

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moe on August 09, 2017 (06:32 pm)
anniversary: asseylumversallusia03, jeannedarc01, jeannedarc03, classviiboys01, classviiboys02, red19, red20, sayakonohana14, asseylumversallusia04, koutarouamon03, happytimepastime04
decks made: anisetatlin17, asseylumversallusia01, chrom18, classviiboys19, hotarumaru18, jeannedarc12, rinshelter14, syokohoshi10, triplecccservants04
New Decks: classviiboys12, classviiboys11, asseylumversallusia02, kyubey01, syokohoshi16, larg16, mitsurutenma03, ichigokurosaki06, hotarumaru15, rinshelter12, hotarumaru06, rinshelter11, yoshikotsushima11, hangezoe17, anisetatlin17, jeannedarc10, jeannedarc18, mikurunatsuki18, asseylumversallusia18, happyspring18, deities18, chrom18, triplecccservants11, triplecccservants12

Cami on August 09, 2017 (07:39 pm)
Wishing Tree (Haylee / Jessica / Lee / Mio): airitotoki06, yumenijino09, yumenijino12, airitotoki07, classviiboys01, piratesofthefrontier08, piratesofthefrontier10, eichitenshouin06, inoriyuzuriha03, inoriyuzuriha05, kurokiryu07

New Decks: classviiboys02, classviiboys03, classviiboys04, classviiboys05, mikurunatsuki06, mikurunatsuki07, mikurunatsuki10, mikurunatsuki11, mitsurutenma01, mitsurutenma02, mitsurutenma03, mitsurutenma04, syokohoshi01, syokohoshi02, syokohoshi03, syokohoshi04, yoshikotsushima01, yoshikotsushima03, yoshikotsushima04, yoshikotsushima05, asseylumversallusia01, asseylumversallusia02, asseylumversallusia03, asseylumversallusia04

New Decks (Donations): classviiboys06, mikurunatsuki14

Character Skill (Rei Sakuma): mikurunatsuki01, mikurunatsuki15

idil on August 09, 2017 (07:56 pm)
Wishing Well (ANNIVERSARY): mikajougasaki02, mikajougasaki04, makotokikuchi02, makotokikuchi03, honokakousaka04, honokakousaka05, chiharusakuragi16, shikiichinose03, ichigomomomiya02, anisyamamoto08, akarimizunashi20

Deck Release: syokohoshi12, syokohoshi13, syokohoshi17, syokohoshi19, chrom01, chrom03, chrom08, chrom13, starrynight03, starrynight04, starrynight08, starrynight09, yoshikotsushima01, yoshikotsushima03, yoshikotsushima05, yoshikotsushima09, mitsurutenma01, mitsurutenma04, mitsurutenma09, mitsurutenma17, ascension16, asseylumversallusia02, larg12, larg16

Character Skill (azusamiura): honokakousak07

Rosenel on August 09, 2017 (08:15 pm)
Haylee/Jessica/Lee/Mio - ANNIVERSARY (no more than two per deck)
A: cielphantomhive08
N: shin-ah02
N: villains16
I: cielphantomhive05
V: villains10
E: duomaxwell03
R: karamatsumatsuno02
S: shin-ah01
A: duomaxwell04
R: abelnightroad15
Y: umiryuuzaki01

New Deck Pulls: hangezoe14, hangezoe15, chrom14, chrom15, chrom12, chrom13, deathrebel12, deathrebel13, hangezoe12, hangezoe13, jeannedarc12, jeannedarc13, larg13, larg17, rinshelter12, rinshelter13, kyubey09, kyubey13, deities12, deities17 (20, 6 leftover will claim later)

Ajisaitea on August 09, 2017 (08:42 pm)
- Character Skill (kobatohanato): larg07, larg08
- New Decks: deities03, deities04, larg03, larg04, larg05, larg06, primula03, primula04, primula05, primula06, tragiclove03, tragiclove04, chrom10, chrom11, chrom12, chrom13 (8 left)
- Donations/Maker: deities01, deities02, hangezoe10, happyspring01, ichigokurosaki01, kyubey01, larg01, larg02, primula01, primula02, starrynight01, tragiclove01, tragiclove02
- ANNIVERSARY: utenatenjou14, utenatenjou15, nazunanito14, spikespiegel06, villains01, spikespiegel08, christmas07, inuyasha07, nazunanito16, christmas08, inuyasha09


AL on August 09, 2017 (08:46 pm)
Release Pulls: deathrebel01, deathrebel02, deathrebel03, deathrebel04, ichigokurosaki05, ichigokurosaki09, ichigokurosaki19, ichigokurosaki20, mitsurutenma05, mitsurutenma16, ruka09, ruka17, kyubey05, kyubey09, yoshikotsushima03, yoshikotsushima18, hotarumaru08, hotarumaru09, anisetatlin17, anisetatlin18, hangezoe02, hangezoe03, hangezoe13, hangezoe20

Character Skill (renjinguji): ichigokurosaki17, ichigokurosaki18

Donated: deathrebel05

Wishing Tree (Haylee/Jessica/Lee/Mio): tamakisuou03, syaoran11, syaoran13, ichigokurosaki01, cvjunichisuwabe01, eichitenshouin07, sakura09, tamakisuou05, ichigokurosaki02, toshirouhitsugaya14, humptydumpty03

Ajisaitea on August 10, 2017 (09:48 am)
I made a mistake on my character skill. I copy and pasted the wrong numbers. It should be Character Skill (kobatohanato): larg13, larg14.

Sorry for the trouble.

Lee on August 10, 2017 (10:26 am)
New Decks: ascension01, ascension02, anisetatlin01, anisetatlin02, anisetatlin03, hangezoe04, tragiclove06, mitsurutenma09, asseylumversallusia01, asseylumversallusia02, rinshelter01, rinshelter02, jeannedarc01, jeannedarc02, jeannedarc03, jeannedarc04, starrynight01, starrynight02, starrynight03, starrynight04, triplecccservants01, triplecccservants02, triplecccservants03, triplecccservants04

ANNIVERSARY: alphonseelric10, villains05, akanetsunemori07, ryoukurokiba10, villains07, akanetsunemori08, kyouyaootori09, scathach10, scathach12, kyouyaootori10, ryoukurokiba11

Amber on August 10, 2017 (11:13 am)
New Decks: rinshelter01, rinshelter02,larg01, larg02, asseylumversallusia06, asseylumversallusia07, asseylumversallusia08, asseylumversallusia09, yoshikotsushima05, yoshikotsushima06, yoshikotsushima07, yoshikotsushima08, larg07, larg08, tragiclove05, tragiclove06, hangezoe09, hangezoe11, hangezoe12, hangezoe13, chrom16, chrom17, chrom18, chrom19 (24/24)
- Deck Donation (chrom): chrom20
- Deck Donation (hangezoe): hangezoe20
- Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice ): zakurofujiwara12
- Character Skill (Crusch Karsten ~ +2 deck pulls): chrom01, chrom02
- Wish (Haylee/Jessica/Lee/Mio ~ ANNIVERSARY): kyoukosakura14, grandopening05, grandopening06, hopeitself11, villains03, homuraakemi12, homuraakemi11, kyoukosakura15, sayakamiki19, goldstars13, sayakamiki20

Thank you!

Kearin on August 10, 2017 (12:09 pm)
- New Decks: kyubey06, kyubey07, kyubey10, kyubey11, asseylumversallusia06, asseylumversallusia07, asseylumversallusia10, asseylumversallusia11, starrynight17, starrynight18, starrynight19, starrynight20, tragiclove14, tragiclove15, tragiclove16, tragiclove17, yoshikotsushima13, yoshikotsushima14, yoshikotsushima15, yoshikotsushima16, syokohoshi17, syokohoshi18, syokohoshi19, syokohoshi20
- Character Skill +2 Deck Pulls (Sheryl Nome): larg15, larg16
- Wishing Tree (ANNIVERSARY): mitsukikouyama14, menace08, menace11, magicalgirls04, sleepover15, princessserenity07, princessserenity11, goldstars06, goldstars09, magicalgirls05, mitsukikouyama10


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