indefinite hiatus - officially!

( Apr. 30, 2020 )
Hello!! I'm just going to cut right to the chase but as you can see from this update's title, Sakura is officially on an indefinite hiatus!

I normally hate doing this to a TCG because indefinite is just that, indefinite, so I don't know when Sakura will come back and I know how frustrating or annoying that can be for players but it also doesn't feel right to close it for some reason? Even if I haven't had as much interest in anime, manga, and games lately (and TCGs in general if I'm being honest), I still want to keep running Sakura... so my only other choice right now is an indefinite hiatus, although I think this isn't surprising to anyone who is/was still keep tabs on this TCG. I hadn't posted a new update since January after all so it was basically in that state anyways. I'm just making it official now!

With that being said, you all are free to do as you please! You can continue to play the weekly games since those are automated and take the replacement games and freebie stuff as stated, you can quit and rejoin later, you can just stop updating all together (if there's anyone who still was/is), etc.

When Sakura returns, even if things have changed, I don't think I'll make anyone start over if they don't want to so feel free to keep your trade post in tact along with your current cards, currency, logs, etc! But like when we were on mini hiatus, very little if anything at all will be updated or checked including stuff on the forums as that was always up to the staff's discretion. I apologize to those who were waiting to join Sakura too but we'd love to still have you whenever we return for good!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to me on Discord either through the Server or sending me a DM directly (moonpillows#8845), or my e-mail (cassidytcg[@]gmail[.]com) as I very rarely check the forums for my PMs at the moment (and when I do, I usually forget to go back and reply). I'm usually always on Discord when I'm online though and I check my e-mail a lot so those are the best ways to contact me for anything! If you're a member of Starlight, you can also contact me there.

Lastly, I do want to apologize to everyone for putting Sakura on a hiatus for so long and then completely falling off the face of the earth with regards to it but I hope you can understand! Should there be any more updates on Sakura, I'll post here and/or on the Discord and Twitter so feel free to keep tabs on those as well if you're interested.

Thank you to those of you who have been understanding and supportive, and to everyone who joined Sakura and enjoys the TCG! I hope we can come back sooner than later but regardless, I hope everyone's staying safe and healthy during this time!!

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