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( Jan. 01, 2020 )
Hello, whoever visits the site still! Long time no update, right? I do want to apologize for the essential radio silence - when the site went down (assuming you're not part of our Discord when it went down and I went on in more details there, you can read more about that here on my other TCG where I explained if you scroll down), I focused on getting Starlight back up first since that's the currently active TCG and it had more to resolve than Sakura did, plus it uses more site forms which were affected by the site issues.

Of course, this happened right at the beginning of the month so while I had all intention to post the regular monthly check-in for Sakura, this situation prevented me from doing that because I was super stressed trying to get just one site up and even now, not everything has been fixed. That's mostly due to the fact that December = holiday season and I was SWAMPED with work and left exhausted from it for a majority of the month on top of other commitments and then some personal issues which stressed me out even more.

Needless to say, December was a very rough time for me so I had to put some things on the back burner and Sakura was one of them. I do want to apologize for not saying anything or posting a notice sooner though since I know not everyone here is also a member of Starlight or on the Discord! But basically, the end of the year was just a shit show and didn't let me BREATHE for even a second so I got really overwhelmed and was doing so many things even up until the last minute.


With all that being said, I wanted to pop in here and say SAKURA IS NOT CLOSED but we are STILL ON HIATUS!!!! Please feel free to keep claiming the weekly stuff for anyone who still is and we'll post all the missed Event Achievements in a future check-in update once they're made.

We still do not have an ETA for when Sakura will return, however, so apologies for that and our lack of response on the forums especially for those of you who recently joined! We'll get to them as soon as we're able to so I ask for your patience. ;;

In the mean time, everyone can take choice cards spelling out MERRY CHRISTMAS + choice #12, #2, #5 cards as well as HAPPY NEW YEAR + 2 choice #20 cards but no more than 3 per deck for each phrase (so total of 6 per deck across both freebies)! Comment with what you take!!


We'll check in again on February 1st!

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Violet on January 02, 2020 (10:54 am)
Freebies (MERRY CHRISTMAS + #12, #2, #5): emahinata03, fairytypes110, winter03, haruhifujioka03, fairytypes118, christmas03, christmas09, winter08, winter20, pets11, taehanazono09, talim05, haruhifujioka01, umisonoda14, christmas12, pets02, pets05\r\nFreebies (HAPPY NEW YEAR + #20, #20): christmas14, haruhifujioka04, pets07, fairytypes101, fairytypes105, winter01, winter05, winter16, kurokiryu03, taehanazono16, christmas17, fairytypes106, christmas20, haruhifujioka20\r\n\r\nThank you and Happy New Year!!

Shinya on January 03, 2020 (08:03 am)
Freebies (010120 / MERRY CHRISTMAS + #12, #2, #5): tamakiyotsuba01, anniversary02, nagirokuya04, nagirokuya06, tamakiyotsuba02, phichitchulanont20, sweethearts07, nagirokuya11, anniversary03, anniversary04, tamakiyotsuba05, monjayaki03, sweethearts08, sweethearts09, yukitoorikasa12, sogoosaka02, monjayaki05\r\n\r\nFreebies (010120 / HAPPY NEW YEAR + #20, #20): sweethearts10, nagirokuya12, phichitchulanont03, phichitchulanont05 tamakiyotsuba07, nagirokuya15, anniversary05, sweethearts11, nagirokuya18, anniversary06, tamakiyotsuba10, anniversary07, sweethearts20, tamakiyotsuba20

Mireia on January 03, 2020 (08:10 am)
Freebies (HAPPY NEW YEAR + #20, #20): hatsuharusohma07, hatsuharusohma08, hopeestheim16, hopeestheim18, radiantglory04, radiantglory07, fiveoddballs15, blackorwhite19, radiantglory09, fiveoddballs16, fiveoddballs17, hatsuharusohma09, kanatashinkai20, lisa20\r\n\r\nFreebies (MERRY CHRISTMAS + #12, #2, #5): hopeestheim07, blackorwhite13, blackorwhite14, akihitokanbara14, tomoyamashiro07, blackorwhite15, hopeestheim10, kaoruhakaze04, hopeestheim12, sogoosaka13, tomoyamashiro15, tomoyamashiro16, sogoosaka14, sogoosaka20, radiantglory05, aikosenoo02, secretnight12

chives on January 03, 2020 (10:05 pm)
Freebies (MERRY CHRISTMAS #12 #2 #5): himenoawayuki06, himenoawayuki09, komuginakahara05, komuginakahara09, himenoawayuki12, yachiyonanami20, komuginakahara12, tsurunoyui18, sumirehikami09, sumirehikami17, tsurunoyui19, yachiyonanami18, yachiyonanami17, tsurunoyui20, coco12, feliciamitsuki02, feliciamitsuki05\r\nFreebies (HAPPY NEW YEAR #20 #20): himenoawayuki16, himenoawayuki17, naptime20, naptime19, himenoawayuki19, komuginakahara08, feliciamitsuki10, yellow11, sayakamiki02, feliciamitsuki13, sayakamiki05, komuginakahara10, idols20, kiisaegusa20

Kayori on January 07, 2020 (10:25 am)
M: harukananami03\r\nE: closeup15\r\nR: harukananami05\r\nR: inwinter04\r\nY: fayevalentine12\r\n\r\nC: closeup18\r\nH: cvjunichisuwabe05\r\nR: cvtakahirosakurai02\r\nI: fayevalentine13\r\nS: closeup20\r\nT: fayevalentine17\r\nM: cielphantomhive02\r\nA: cvjunichisuwabe08\r\nS: cvjunichisuwabe10\r\n\r\n#12: gojyosha12\r\n#02: gojyosha02\r\n#05: cielphantomhive05\r\n\r\nH: cvjunichisuwabe12\r\nA: fayevalentine18\r\nP: cielphantomhive06\r\nP: shippo07\r\nY: hayatoaozora03\r\n\r\nN: fayevalentine19\r\nE: inwinter06\r\nW: cvjunichisuwabe16\r\n\r\nY: gojyosha01\r\nE: cvjunichisuwabe17\r\nA: gojyosha03\r\nR: harukananami08\r\n\r\n#20: harukananami20\r\n#20: inwinter20\r\nThank you1

Selena on January 11, 2020 (02:55 am)
MERRY CHRISTMAS + #12 + #02 + #05: mamoruchiba09, landoffairies10, landoffairies15, landoffairies16, julymermaids01, mamoruchiba12, mamoruchiba13, julymermaids02, iwasamecafe03, iwasamecafe10, mitsuki06, mitsuki08, halloweenhill01, mitsuki10, kotoriminami12, iwasamecafe02, julymermaids05 \r\nHAPPY NEW YEAR + #20 + #20: mamoruchiba14, mamoruchiba17, darkpit07, darkpit13, julymermaids06, halloweenhill02, iwasamecafe11, iwasamecafe15, julymermaids07, halloweenhill07, julymermaids16, mamoruchiba18, landoffairies17, halloweenhill20, fashion20

lagoonaris on March 11, 2020 (08:57 am)
Such a nice tcg. I really hope, you come back soon, so that I can join you guys. Really would love to collect some of your cards.

Megumi on March 17, 2020 (05:34 pm)
Freebies (Jan 1): motokokusanagi11, winter05, ruckus16, ruckus18, chihayaayase17, ruckus13, rinoaheartilly18, naruosaka09, calcifer14, naruosaka11, motokokusanagi15, motokokusanagi19, calcifer04, flowercrownssp13, naruosaka12, ponyo12, calcifer15\r\nFreebies (Jan 1): chihayaayase12, calcifer19, ponyo09, ponyo14, chihayaayase09, newleaffall12, newleaffall19, newleaffall18, chihayaayase10, winter07, naruosaka13, naruosaka17, naruosaka20, akanetsunemori20

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