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( Aug. 01, 2019 )
Sorry this is a bit late than updates by anyone else other than me would be, but I suppose it's expected by now! 💦


You know what a new month means: time to crown a new spotlight member!!

Congratulations, Chives, you are Sakura's Spotlight Member for August! Please pick up your reward either through the link on the sidebar or through the Sakura Spotlight link on the Interactive page, and PM Cassidy on the forums once you've chosen 2 decks that you want to be released (or made and released, if choosing something from the Deck Claims list that's only been donated instead of something already made on the Upcoming List)!


As usual, here's this month's Event Achievement! If you don't pick it up now or you join later, you can always grab it from the sidebar at any time during the month-- just make sure to do it before August is over!

Event Achievements: ev-201908


We've got another big event update today so SIT TIGHT! I'm going to preface this all by saying I'm sure you guys will still have questions but please do try reading through everything first before asking for clarification on anything!

First on the agenda is our Anniversary Event! As the Sports Festival Event is still ongoing, we tried to make the Anniversary Event more "chill" and include more things that can be done at your own pace or are still worth doing even if you aren't participating in SportsFes. But if you are, there will be ways to earn even more points for the event so keep an eye out on that and check out all the information about the event on its information page! The special games will be posted ASAP.

Next is regarding the Sports Festival Event! As it's now August 1st, we've already entered the "Resting Period" which means no new posts can be made in your Personal Points Tracker! If you did, please delete your post and re-post it after August 7th, once the 2nd Half of the event starts again.

Like mentioned before, this also means that any completed masteries or Trade Meters submitted in your regular reward thread between now and August 7th CANNOT be used once the event starts up again! You can still actually complete these though, just don't turn them in for rewards yet. Feel free to still turn in anything you won't be using for the event, though!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that the links to the countdowns for various deadlines on the SportsFes information page are now working! I forgot to make and link those when I first announced the event lmao...


Even though I'm the one posting the update, yasu was kind enough to update all the monthly games beforehand and that includes: a new round for Collage, Puzzle Mania, Wishing Tree, and our August kiddos can pick up their birthday present and apply for your Achievement Badge over on the forums. As for all other monthly activities, please check their respective forums for it to see if the mods have already started them!

Last but not least, from our usual monthly donations report: all deck claims from July that were not donated in time have been removed, so all donation limits are now reset. Donate away! Don't forget to claim it first, though, in the new August claims thread! [ yasu voice ] Always read the rules!


THIS IS THE LAST YOU'LL HEAR FROM ME for now and I'm sure you're all breathing a sigh of relief right now. So Aqua will see ya'll on August 7th with the next update!!

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Pam on August 02, 2019 (03:18 am)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

Selena on August 02, 2019 (06:49 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-201908 <3

Usagi on August 03, 2019 (09:31 am)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

Amber on August 03, 2019 (01:05 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

thank you!

Lulu on August 03, 2019 (06:07 pm)
event achievement: ev-201908

LyAnn on August 04, 2019 (07:56 am)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

osaka on August 04, 2019 (04:23 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

Cici on August 04, 2019 (08:24 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

aeon on August 05, 2019 (11:22 am)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

Lex on August 06, 2019 (11:51 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-201908

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