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Mid-Event Ranking

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Mid-Event Ranking

Post by Cassidy » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:12 pm

It was a bit delayed but as they say: better late than never!
So without further ado, here are the current point totals for each team:

TEAM PASSIONE has 463 points!

TEAM STARSHINE has 516 points!

Leading by 53 points, Team Starshine is currently proving that they'll outshine even the brightest-- but Team Passione promises victory trough passion so we may very well see a reversal by the end of the event!

As we enter the 2nd Half of the event, there's still time and plenty of opportunities to earn points so there's no need to hold back, folks!!

Get out there and play hard for your team!!!

(The mid-event ranking for individual players will be in the next post so stay tuned!)

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Mid-Event Ranking (Individual Players)

Post by Cassidy » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:27 pm

Carrying on, we also have the Mid-Event Ranking for individual players! Let's see who's on top right now!!

Currently in 1st place, we have...
AMBER with a grand total of 130 points!

Following closely behind her, is...
JESSIE with 110 points!

And rounding out our top 3, is none other than...
SAMII with 90 points!

As you can see, it's a fairly close match between our leading players so it's hard to say who'll come out on top in the end!
But that's not all, folks-- we also have the rest of the player rankings! How well did you do in the 1st Half?

4th. Shinya (83 points)
5th. Selena (56 points)
6th. Lex (46 points)
7th. yasu (32 points)
8th. mireia (23 points)
9th. Cassidy (23 points)
9th. Jun (23 points)
11th. SasuraUchiha (17 points)
11th. Chives (17 points)
13th. Joey (14 points)
14th. Cami (13 points)
15th. Kairi (12 points)
16th. Lee (7 points)
17th. Usagi (4 points)
17th. Pam (4 points)
19th. Raie (3 points)
20th. osaka (0 points)

And what do you know, it's fairly close for the remaining ranks too!
It's definitely possible for some to overtake others so don't give up yet!!

While the deadline to submit any completed tasks for regular rewards in your usual threads is August 21st,
you still have until August 31st to submit them for approval in your Personal Points Tracker!

That's all for the Mid-Event Ranking so we'll see you all again on September 1st with the Final Ranking!

Good luck, everyone!!!