Before doing anything, please fill out the form in the Starter Pack Bonus thread!
(You can find it by going to "Information Desk" and then clicking the thread titled "Starter Pack Bonus".)

You will not be able to play the games, trade with others, take from updates, etc. until after you've been moved from the Pending section on the Members List!

How Prejoin Works

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How Prejoin Works

Post by Cassidy » Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:36 am

Prejoining at Sakura may work a little differently than other TCGs so please be sure to read everything below to understand how we will be handling it!
  • At the moment, this TCG is not officially open. As such, prospective members will not be able to join on the site or earn cards throughout the period but they are more than free to sign up for the forums if they'd like to help with error reporting, suggest ideas, or donate decks!
  • Anyone who signs up on the forums during our Prejoin phase and donates at least 1 deck will also get the opportunity to choose 1 deck (from either their own donations, any decks marked as "donated" on the Donation Claims List, the Upcoming List, the Cards List or just a suggestion) that they want to see be made and released when the TCG officially opens (as the decks that are currently marked as released on the site may be moved to Upcoming). This is so we can ensure that there is at least one deck that the member will be interested in collecting upon joining!
  • Once the TCG does officially open, all of the members who helped during Prejoin by error reporting, suggesting ideas, answering questions/surveys, and donating will be compensated with rewards! The reason for passing out rewards after is so that there will be more decks for the members to get cards from as during Prejoin, there won’t be many decks released at that time and we don't want members to get a bunch of cards from the few decks that we do have already made.
Of course, there will also be some other benefits that we'll give to those who help out during Prejoin although they will not be rewarded or given out until after the TCG opens!

Upon joining on the site (once we officially open), all players will receive the regular Starter Pack and the Starter Pack Bonus once they upload their Starter Pack to their site and fill out the form found here but players who helped during the Prejoin period can also claim a Prejoin Bonus Pack from here so we strongly encourage anybody who plans on joining the TCG to participate during Prejoin even though you won't get any rewards until after the TCG opens!