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Mini Hiatus Notice (Sep. 1st - ??)

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Mini Hiatus Notice (Sep. 1st - ??)

Post by Cassidy » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:21 pm

As announced in the August 21st update, Sakura TCG will be put on a mini hiatus from September 1st onward! Our reasons for doing so have been explained in the update as well so if you want to know why, please read that. This announcement is to further explain what will happen with the TCG while on hiatus!

First off, I want to re-iterate: WE ARE NOT CLOSING THE TCG!! Sakura is my baby, not to mention my oldest baby (aka longest running TCG), and I genuinely and truly do not want to close it. Aqua, yasu, and I are all just in need of a break both to rest and to re-evaluate the TCG as there are some things that you can only learn over time or until it happens.

DURING THE MINI HIATUS, the site and the forums will still be open! Players are free to continue playing the automatic games that are part of the weekly set each week until we return, and can still turn in or use things on the forums. We’ll also make a randomizer that’ll give you a replacement for biweekly games not being updated as well as a compensation gift for putting the TCG on hiatus, which can also be taken weekly!

However, we will NOT be posting weekly or monthly updates during the hiatus. This includes updating any of the non-automated games and forum games that are run by an admin! Lost and Found may still be used each week but claim approvals may be slow, if at all. That also means there won’t be any new deck releases either so take this hiatus time to focus more on trading and maybe master some decks you’ve been collecting for a while! We will be posting a double release next week though to make up for this and to ensure everyone who votes for a deck in Upcoming Vote this week will have something for them.

While we’re on hiatus, it’s not just the admins who will be taking a break-- forum staff are welcome to take a break from staff duties as well! This is not mandatory however so if you’d still like to continue responding to things, feel free! Or if you want to respond to things once every so often then you also have permission to do so. (Staff can also continue to take their weekly staff pay ONLY if they also did their duties that week! If you take a break and do not reply to anything, you cannot take your pay.)

As such, if you are someone who will still submit things to be rewarded then please understand that you may not got a reply like usual, if at all! When we come back from hiatus, if there's anything that has not been responded to by a staff member, we (the admins) will respond ourselves. We'll also be contacting all staff prior to returning to make sure they're still interested in staffing for the TCG!

BEFORE WE GO ON HIATUS, we will be completely finishing the currently ongoing events including passing out any rewards which is why the mini hiatus is starting on September 1st. We'll also be responding to anything pending from an admin ASAP (with event stuff being prioritized) but anything not responded to before the mini hiatus will be processed shortly after! This mini hiatus is also to give us more time to catch up on things without worrying about new stuff coming in during it.

There will also still be a regular update next week on Wednesday, and on September 1st instead of the regular monthly update, we'll be posting an official update to say the hiatus has started and any other information/details we think of including between now and then that hasn't already been mentioned!

AFTER RETURNING FROM THE HIATUS, there may be changes to how some things are done in the TCG! If there are, we will inform everyone and explain it as much as possible. What will not be changing though, is any progress you currently have in the TCG! We will not make anyone start over unless they choose to or they quit as they'll need to re-join anyways, and if anything does change that would affect something you did before the hiatus ends, we will honor it from before the hiatus!

Unfortunately, I cannot give an exact time when the TCG will return from hiatus so this is technically an indefinite mini hiatus but I'd like to be back before the holidays because we have Halloween and Christmas coming up and I feel like those are usually popular events! Christmas is also my favourite holiday so I love doing a lot of stuff for it lmao. But again, I can't be sure-- maybe we'll be back earlier than you think or maybe later but in either case, I will alert everyone both on the site, Twitter, and Discord!

To finish, I just want to apologize for the suddenness of this announcement and the hiatus itself. I know it's not fun to see a TCG go on hiatus, especially an indefinite one because you never know if a TCG will ever come back despite whatever the admin(s) say so I understand if anyone is upset with this decision and/or decides to quit because of it! At the end of the day, we're doing this because it's what we think would be best for us at the moment and we hope everyone will understand even if you're not happy with the outcome.

TO WRAP THINGS UP, we just want to thank you for reading through all this (hopefully, anyways lol) and thank you for everything up until now! This TCG wouldn't have lasted as long as it did were it not for everyone's participation but it's just gotten to be a bit too much right now so we're going to take a step back, probably re-work some things and when we come back, it should be with a refreshed mind! We'll still be around on Discord (and speaking of, the Discord will still be up and active!) so hopefully that'll make things more bearable as you'll know we're still around somewhere lmao

And that's it for now! If you have any further questions or whatever about the hiatus, feel free to ask it here or on the Discord! Otherwise, we will see you all later!!!

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