white valentine's day 2017 event page

With Valentine's Day and White Day just around the corner, what better time to give chocolate to the one you like than now? At Sakura, we also partake in this activity but with a twist: battle style!

All you need to do is choose a character you really really really like and work hard to make chocolate that you can give to them! However, you're not only making chocolate to express your feelings; you're also making chocolate to prove that you have more love for your character than anyone else has for theirs!

Event Info. & Schedule Rewards & Prizes Tournament Info.


These are the Side Events that will be running alongside the tournament for everyone to participate in no matter if you missed the sign up period for the main event and still want to participate in the event in some way, or you are participating in the tournament but want to complete extra tasks for more chocolates!


There are a total of 3 themes which can be mastered up to 2 times each, although if a player is mastering a theme twice than they can only use one of their masteries for that theme to complete the "Master a Mini-Mastery Deck" special task in the tournament.

To master a mini deck, you only need to collect 10 cards that match the theme! However, only up to 4 cards can be choiced through rewards, freebies, purchases, updates, or other methods. All other cards in the deck must be earned through the random cards from rewards, etc. or trading and have to have been received between 02/15/17 - 03/14/17.

  • RED: Collect 10 cards of your choice that feature a lot of red in the overall image, or have a red card border. No more than 2 cards per deck!
  • PINK: Collect 10 cards of your choice that feature a lot of pink in the overall image, or have a pink card border. No more than 2 cards per deck!
  • PAIRINGS: Choose a pairing or friendship of your choice and collect 5 cards from each character in that pairing/friendship's character deck. No doubles allowed!
When you're ready to turn in a Mini Mastery, please do so in the Mini Mastery Rewards thread. Every mini deck mastered will reward 1 choice card, 4 random cards, 25 sakura petals and a custom master badge that features an image* related to the theme of the mini deck being mastered. Character skills and coupons do not apply to mini mastery rewards!

* For pairings that don't have any official art of the two together, separate images for each character may be provided instead.


There are a total of 6 Valentines and White Day-related items scattered around the site and forums that look like the examples below. Feel free to hover over each item to see their name!

(Once again, credit goes to Whimsical for the above pixels!)

All players need to do in order to participate in this side event is to find those items! Once you do, clicking on it will direct you to a reward for finding it which you can immediately add to your trade post.

For participants in the main event who are participating in this in order to complete the Special Task associated with it, the required proof will be the reward log provided when you find an item and are redirected to the reward page so make sure to have that in your activity log!