valentines 2018 event page

Valentine's Day isn't a day for everyone but at Sakura, we're going to try and change that because everyone deserves to receive some love!! Unlike last year where we had participants duke it out to prove their love for their favourite character, this year we're going to focus on everyone doing things together!

Candygrams Secret Valentine Event Games


Like it always seems to be with Sakura Events, there are two parts to this event: Candygrams and Secret Valentine.

While anyone and everyone can participate in Candygrams at any point during the event period, only those who sign up during the registration period can participate in Secret Valentine! Please refer to the individual sections for each of these activities through the navigation links above.

For this event's schedule and important dates (which will also be added to the calendar on our sidebar), see below!
     February 1st - February 28th

     February 1st - February 28th

    • Registration Period: February 1st - February 7th
    • Valentine Assignments: February 7th
    • Deadline to Submit Gifts: February 28th at 11:59 PM (Eastern Timezone)
    • Gift Delivery: Starts March 1st

     February 1st - February 28th

    • Weekly Set: Refresh every Wednesday, after an update is posted
    • Ongoing Set: Will remain open/available until the end of February
Credits are also due to Whimsical and Bitmap Dreams for creating the cute pixels that will be used throughout this event!