sakura sports festival 2017 event page

Summer is here and what better way to work up a sweat in this hot, hot heat than with some fun and games? ☆

The Sakura Sports Festival is an event where players are sorted into teams who then compete with other teams for victory, bragging rights, and of course sweet prizes! We believe everyone is a winner though no matter what the results are so everyone will go home with something— as long as you put some effort in and genuinely try to help your team!

Rewards & Prizes Earning Points & Event Currency


There will first be an initial registration period where players who want to participate can fill out the provided form. Only those who sign up during the registration period will be allowed to participate in the festival! Anyone who misses the deadline to sign up will unfortunately not be able to participate but there will be additional events and activities happening in the later half of the event to celebrate the TCG’s first birthday that anyone is free to participate in.

(There will also most likely be a period where players who are not already part of the event can sign up to be a pinch hitter/replacement for any team that may need one, should a player from a team go inactive during the event. If you’re late to the initial registration period but still want to participate then that’s your best chance to do so!)

After the registration period has ended, we will sort everyone into one of 3-5 teams (the actual number depends on how many players sign up and how big each team may be as a result) and pick one player from each team to be the captain! We will personally contact that player to confirm if they want to be the captain so if they choose not to, we will pick someone else and continue this until each team has a captain.

Once teams and team captains have been decided, we will announce the teams over in the Sakura Sports Festival event sub-forum along with the first missions teams will need to complete! There will then be a period of 5 days before the event officially starts so that teams can use that time to familiarize themselves with each other, organize alternative contact methods if necessary, and to report the results of their completed tasks to us.

After that, we will host an Opening Ceremony to officially start the Sakura Sports Festival! At that time, a list of tasks will be posted that will include missions players can complete individually and missions they can complete with their teammates to earn points. These points will count towards both the individual player’s rank and the team’s placement at the end of the event so try to get as many as you can!

At the end of the Sports Festival, the team with the most points will be the winners and receive the grand prize! All participating players will also receive additional rewards based on their tier placement in the overall player ranking on top of any individual rewards they obtain during the event.


Please note that dates and times are subject to change!
However, in the case of anything changing, players will be notified in advance.

  • Registration Period: 06/21/17 - 06/30/17
  • Teams Announcement: 07/01/17
  • Opening Ceremony & Start of Sports Festival: 07/05/17
    • Exact time TBD depending on when the Opening Ceremony is posted
  • End of Sports Festival: 08/31/17 at 11:59 PM EST