halloween 2019 event page

Although we’re still on a hiatus, seasonal events have always been a favourite of mine and they seem to be well enjoyed by players as well so we decided to run a Halloween event this year!

Like all previous years, Trick or Treating has returned but this time the treat you can receive will include some candy so make sure you hold on to these candies as there will be a way to spend them later on!!


Please note that dates and times are subject to change!
In the event of a change, players will be notified in advance via an update, Twitter or the #event-updates channel on our Official Discord if not all three (or at least two of the three).
  • EVENT START: October 1st, 2019
  • EVENT END: October 31st, 2019 @ 11:59 PM EDT


Anyone who was a member around this time last year or the previous year before that and participated in the Halloween event then (or has participated in this kind of event in another TCG) will probably be familiar with how this activity will work. However, for those of you who have no idea what i"m talking about, here's a summary!
  • Players can either be Homeowners, Trick-or-Treaters, or both!

  • Homeowners are players who create a thread in the Halloween 2019 sub-forum to allow other players (known as Trick-or-Treaters) to post in it and ask for either a trick or a treat. Depending on what the Trick-or-Treater asks for, the homeowner either gives them a trick (basically just a "dare" or simple task to be completed before they receive the treat) or just give them the treat of 2 random cards + 2 random candies right away!

  • Players can be both a homeowner and a Trick-or-Treater but if you only want to be one and not the other, that's fine too. We just encourage that if you participate in this event that you do both because the more players who participate as a homeowner, the more opportunities there are to receive treats!
Everything else is pretty much the same with the exception of an addition that started with the Halloween event in 2017: Stamps (which you can find more information about below)! You can also find more information and rules about Trick-or-Treating, as well as a link to the randomizer that you can use to hand out treats, over on the forums.


Stamps are simply graphics that each homeowner makes themselves for Trick-or-Treaters to take once they complete a visit to their house like the example shown on the left!

Stamps not only work as a tracker for players so they know which houses they've already visited but are also what I hope is a fun way for the homeowner to show off something that the represents them– like their favourite character!

Keep in mind that stamps are required if you're a homeowner creating a "house" to give out treats in so please make sure you read the guidelines below about them.
  • Only homeowners can make stamps, as it's what you'll display in your thread!
  • Stamps must be 125px by 125px in size but can feature anything you want as long as it's related to the TCG's theme (anime, games, and video games of Japanese source/origin). The stamp does not necessarily have to be Halloween-related or themed, however!
  • It is required for homeowners to put their name or "[YourName]'s house" somewhere on the stamp.
  • Feel free to decorate it and do anything else you want with it (and your thread) that your heart desires!