halloween 2017 event page

Another year means another Halloween event, this time with our new host Kokoro who also just so happens to be blonde, like a certain host from last year...! She's really interested in the holiday so in the spirit of trick-or-treating–a staple of Halloween festivities–this year's event offers it in two ways!

Trick-or-Treating Halloween Roulette Event Deck


This event will contain two activities!

The first is the return of last year's Trick-or-Treating activity where players could visit each other's "houses" and receive a treat either by asking for it or by completing a "trick". The second is called Halloween Roulette which is really just a re-hash of an activity I used in a previous TCG of mine where a series of luck-based games are posted once per week that will reward you with either a "trick" or a "treat".

There's also another event deck up for grabs this event (that we're still accepting image suggestions for on the forums until Oct. 3rd) that'll only be obtainable through the random card portion of rewards that you get from participating in the event!

Although this event is starting on the 1st, only one of the activities (Trick-or-Treating) will be available; the other activitiy (Halloween Roulette) will start on October 4th, once the weekly update goes up! However, both activities and this event will finish on the same day: October 31st!

A tl;dr summary of important dates, etc.:
  • Trick-or-Treating: October 1 - October 31
  • Halloween Roulette: October 4 - Octobter 31
    • Game 1: October 4 - October 31
    • Game 2: October 11 - October 31
    • Game 3: October 18 - October 31
    • Game 4: October 25 - October 31
  • Event Deck Card Redeeming: October 1 - November 8
  • Event Deck Masteries: October 1 - November 8 (for increased rewards)
Credits are also due to Whimsical for creating all the cute pixels that will be used in this event!