flower hunt 2019 event page

Since there was no egg hunt for Easter, we have a flower hunt instead to celebrate the start of spring!


From now until May 31st, a total of 7 flowers have been hidden across the site— specifically deck pages!

These decks were selected at random so don't think checking any decks that you think I'd hide a flower on guarantees you will find one!! However, since there are 2500+ released decks currently, I'm not sending you on a wild goose chase with nothing to go off of! Below, you'll find a clue for each of the decks that 1 of the 7 flowers can be found on.

  1. The red flower is hidden on a purple deck of a male character! He's apparently a fallen angel?! And fun fact: his deck has not been mastered even though his deck was released in July 2018!

  2. Look for the male with a large tattoo on his back and there, you'll find the pink flower! His name might be familiar if you know your drinks but if not, just think of the night sky!

  3. As for the yellow flower, what better place to find it then a deck of its same colour? There's a lot of variety in this deck so maybe one of your favourites is in it!

  4. Seems like there's a pattern going on... The blue flower can be located on a deck that prominently features the colour! I count a total of 10 people who share the spotlight and all of them seem to be paired up? If you figured out the location of the pink flower, this deck's name is not too far off from it!

  5. Where could the white flower with pink bow be? Last I heard, it might've found its way to what looks like a jungle... or maybe it's an island! Better make sure it's not trampled on by a certain animal species known for having brown fur!

  6. The white flower with yellow bow is still out there, too... but maybe a nice girl will help you find it? She seems to be a pretty talented chef although she may not look it at first!

  7. And last but certainly not least, the white flower with blue bow can be found with some furry friends! Or mostly furry, anyways. There's a lot to choose from!
Once you find a flower, click on it! You'll be re-directed to a reward page to thank you for finding it. All flowers have a descriptive log so you'll know which flowers you've already found and which ones you still need to! Just make sure to find them all by 11:59 PM EDT on May 31st, 2019 as they'll disappear after then!!