1 year anniversary event page

In celebration of Sakura TCG's upcoming first anniversary, we'll be holding a special 1 Year Anniversary event full of new additions, gifts, and campaigns!

Event Information Announcements Summary


Below is a list of all the limited time gifts and campaigns we're running for the duration of the event until 11:59 PM EST on August 31st! There won't be anything else being announced or added at a later date like our weekly announcements but hopefully what we have prepared will be enough to celebrate!

All members who joined before August 1st will be eligible for a new Member ID over on on the forums! This is optional however so if you're happy with your current Member ID and don't want to change it then you definitely don't have to! If you would like to however, please keep the following information in mind:
  • The new Member ID will replace your current one so the old Member ID will no longer be tradable once you receive the new ID. However, this also means that players who have already traded their old Member IDs with each other before can now trade each other again but this time with their new Member IDs! (And they will count towards Trade Meters again!)

  • Players who have not traded Member IDs with someone before the other player received their new Member ID will no longer be able to obtain it through regular trading. They can obtain it through other methods, though!

  • Both old and new Member IDs can be used in the same set when turning in completed sets for Special Mastery rewards but if you have both the old and new Member ID of a player, you can only use 1 at a time in a single set.

For more detailed information about the new Member IDs and other things mentioned that weren't explained further, please refer to the newly updated Cards & Masteries information page.

While normally we have a limit in place that prevents players from claiming and donating more than 2 decks from the same series, we will be removing this restriction for the month of August so if you've ever wanted to donate 5 decks from the same series and no one can stop you, now's your chance!

For those of you who may not be participating in the Sports Festival event and are not in posession of any sunflowers then we have some deals for you too! (And of course, those of you who are participating in the event can also take advantage of this sale!)
  • The 50% off sale only applies to the regular shop prices and not the Sports Festival deals/prices.
  • Prices that do not halve evenly will be rounded up to the nearest whole number! (ie. 1 CD: 25 petals / 2 = 12.5 so rounded up to the nearest whole number would make it 13 petals instead.)
  • The Profile Badge Replacement coupon will be the only item that remains at its regular price due to it being the same price even after the discount is taken off.

Every week, each update will have a release containing 24 decks with a limit of 4 cards per deck, compared to our usual 12 deck releases with a limit of 2 cards per deck!