the year sure went by slowly

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We've now reached the last month of the year! Who else gets super excited when we're nearing Christmas?! I love end of year periods. This one especially, since my year was quite tiring and eventful.



For the monthly event card, you can take it at any point during the month no matter when you joined!


Monthly site & forum games are now updated!

Donations have reset so any claims from last month (& October's) that weren't submitted on time have been cleared from the spreadsheet, and can now be re-claimed by the original player or someone else! Of course, regular claiming is open as well. I got no dms for an extension, so I take it as a sign everyone made it! Yay!

December babies can now claim their birthday present and apply for their achievement badge on the forums! If you forget to before the end of the month, you'll miss out on it until next year~

Lastly, we have our new Sakura Spotlight member! Congrats to Selena for being chosen this month!!

The next update will be December 6th!

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. yasuI wish for double rewards on the Monthly games! — No need to refresh the rewards page! If using a coupon to double rewards in addition to this wish, refresh the page and take everyhing again.

Posted by: yasu

i'm a master procrastinator

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HELLO it's time for the weekly update now that I have bubble tea with me! Apologies for the lateness of this because I got a late start to my day as well but I think many of you are not surprised lmao...

Before I get into it though, I wanted to say that I will be out of town this weekend again (I forgot entirely about this tbh even though it was planned in advance lol) so you won't hear from me until Monday evening at the earliest, although I almost definitely won't be doing any TCG things until later in the week or Tuesday at the very earliest if I'm feeling up to it. I may be able to answer any questions on Discord and stuff but if there are any errors that need fixing as well as custom graphics, rewards, etc then I won't be able to do them until later!


Upcoming Vote is open again for this week! We're also nearing the end of the month so this is your reminder to play the monthly games as well, and if you celebrate(d) a birthday this month, make sure to grab your present and apply for your achievement on the forums before December too or you'll miss out until next year!!!


This is very much cutting it close as well but everyone has 1 full day left to play the Autumn Festival Event games from this week's refresh before it finishes on the 1st, which means also needing to submit your dishes by then! If you're editing an existing post that was made prior to the deadline to add more dishes, please do keep the deadline in mind and honor it by not making any edits past 11:59 PM TCG time on the 30th (as it's likely that it won't show when the last edit on a post was made if it's the last post in a thread). We're trusting you all!!

Also, if anyone is looking for last minute ingredients, do check out the Discord as many players are offering up their remaining ingredients as gifts for anyone who needs them~


Lastly, this is a general reminder to finish up any other monthly stuff like donations! BOTH October and November donations are due by midnight tomorrow or they will be cleared from the spreadsheet for December. For deck makers, remember to either a) make your decks > add them to upcoming > drop them off in the staff thread for it be considered submitted OR b) submit the decks in your donation thread like regular donations if you're unable to make them on time.

However, if anyone needs an extension, please message yasu as she will be handling the monthly update & donation spreadsheet for it!


And that's it, aside from the wishes and deck release!! yasu will see you all on December 1st for the monthly update and one of us will see you again on the 6th for the next weekly update~

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. CamiI wish for choice cards spelling THANKSGIVING!   
  2. WhitneyI wish we can play the autumn event games twice!!
  3. idilI wish for 11 choice cards!!   

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Posted by: Cassidy